BCrazy – “Drip From Mars” ft. Rarri moves his game forward another step!

Repeatedly, young new rappers have proven to be the redeeming feature for the future of Rap and Hip-hop music. It doesn’t matter which stylings they’re coming with, the game can always count on newcomers to impact the industry in one way or another. More than anything, their music has many qualities that make them worth checking out.

Eighteen-year-old creative BCrazy from Raleigh, NC, is a voice amongst the new wave that simply cannot be left out of conversations in 2022. We noticed his EP, “Unbroken Vision”, about a month ago, where he undeniably stands out when it comes to colorfully stratifying his style and sound.

Having seen what BCrazy created on his EP, there was no doubt that he would continue to blow everyone away. Which is exactly what he does on the single, “Drip From Mars” ft. Rarri. He is now ready to knock down doors, forcing more eyes to be on him. Carefully enunciating his lyrics and uniquely delivering detailed one-liners, BCrazy is moving his game forward, and he has what it takes to carve his own path.

BCrazy’s big selling point is his delivery, which is absolutely on point. He raps with crisp, clear elocution, each word distinct. Punchlines arrive in highly comprehensible sentences. Now on “Drip From Mars” ft. Rarri, he takes those precise elements into a catchy melodic ambiance, where Rarri designs a hypnotic mellifluous hook.

The beat is spacious and propulsive, decidedly banging. This leaves plenty of room for BCrazy’s meticulous flows, to cut in between the melodic passages and get to his point. As proven here, alongside Rarri, BCrazy’s rock-solid style has the potential to branch out if he chooses to collaborate with more artists outside of his current circle.

Lifted by Rarri’s otherworldly melodies, and the banging cinematic song structures throughout, BCrazy shows himself to be a meticulous wordsmith, and a communicator above all. Whether it be raw thoughts or momentum pushing energy, his giving us insight into his emotions in the process. On “Drip From Mars” ft. Rarri, BCrazy reasserts his unapologetic songwriting to convey his messages unequivocally.

BCrazy dexterous lyrical flow is especially evident on this tightly crafted track, as he plays off Rarri, and the catchy beat. If anyone wonders what kind of songs BCrazy makes, the answer is any kind, as he is able to ride any beat effortlessly. He also shows here that he can work in tandem with features rather smoothly, and to great effect.

The Raleigh native native pours so much passion and fire into his tracks, which truly sets him apart from the rest of his class. On “Drip From Mars”, BCrazy and Rarri are able to deliver an experience that’s more fulfilling than some EP projects.

At the ripe age of 18, BCrazy is already able to make each line count, and every bar flow smoothly into the next. As a whole, his lively vocals and top-notch songwriting clearly show BCrazy is ready to move to the next level.

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/bcrazy_1
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bcrazy_1/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6qgShY6N8TplgKLVO1k541?si=L5KWf9_oQf-4OmNjzM0ZOQ
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/drip-from-mars-feat-rarri/1638356507?i=1638356508

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