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Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine January 2015

Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine January 2015

By Rick Jamm in JAMSPHERE Indie Music Magazine

42 pages, published 1/12/2015

The January 2015 issue of our monthly Indie Music Magazine. FEATURED THIS MONTH: Rich Marcelo, Renata Leuffen, Magnetie, Mark Anthony Williams, Lina Fouro, Cheskino, Junichi Arima, Seany Juevos & Tommy T. Tom, F.O.C., Sean Van Blerk, BogglesWorth, Ray Armando Morabito, Doc Jazz, Rubix Wheel, Borg Queen, A.S.H.E.S the Chosen, Josey Milner, Shireen CrutchfieldJamsphere covers all news, reviews, interviews and events of the world’s top…
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