White Night Releases New Single “Golden Heart”

San ​​Francisco​​ USA ​​​​-​​ Alternative​​ Electro-Pop ​​band​​ White ​​Night announce ​​the​​ release ​​of ​​their ​​new ​​single​​ “Golden​ Heart”.​​ The​​ single ​​officially​​ becomes ​​available on ​​iTunes, ​​Spotify, ​​Deezer,​​ Amazon​​ and ​​other ​​streaming ​​platforms​​ on ​​October ​​18. ​​

Upon listening ​​to ​​the​​ single ​​it ​​is ​​undoubtedly ​​on ​​fire. ​​The​​ sound ​​is​​ refreshing​​ and​​ exudes​​ an ​​edgy ​​vibe that ​​moves​​ listeners​​ to ​​embrace ​​the ​​old ​​school ​​sound ​​of ​​the​​ 80s​​ alternative ​​with​​ new ​​school rhythms ​​of ​​Electronic ​​Pop.​​

The​​ track ​​is ​​both​​ provocative​​ and ​​sexy​​ with​​ exhilarating ​​lyrics performed​​ by ​​lead ​​vocalist ​​by​​ Elizabeth​​ Boardman.​​ Listen ​​and ​​download ​​the​​ ​​new​​ single ​​now on ​​iTunes ​​and ​​all​other ​​major ​​media ​​outlets.

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White​​ Night ​​is ​​an ​​alternative​​ electro-pop​​ band​​ based ​​in​​ both​​ Berlin​​ and​​ San​​ Francisco.​​ The German-American​​ duo ​​draws​​ inspiration​​ from​​ 1980’s ​​pop,​​ classical​​ music, contemporary-classical ​​music,​​ and ​​jazz. ​​The ​​members, ​​Willi ​​Leinen​​ and​​ Elizabeth​​ Boardman, ​​in addition ​​to ​​being​​ songwriters​​ and​​ producers,​​ are​​ classically ​​trained ​​musicians​​ who ​​perform​​ on guitar​​ and ​​viola/baroque​  viola​​ respectively. ​​For ​​more ​information  https://www.whitenight-music.com

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