Elíz Camacho: “Unfinished Letter” is in memory of her loving grandfather

Unfinished Letter by Elíz Camacho is a 3-track cd featuring cinematic productions, charismatic vocals, and compassion in memory of the loving grandfather of Eliz Camacho. The set also includes, studio-live version (Sincere Williams) and bonus track. The tracks and set runs as follows:

Unfinished Letter – Unfinished Letter is straight-up hypnotic and cinematic with a diva-ready melody which marks the arrival of trendsetting collaborations between Eliz Camacho and Ajay B. Singer-songwriter Eliz Camacho’s powerhouse vocals aim straight for the heart and the song is an emotional dedication in remembrance of her grandfather. Eliz’s vocals simmer just at the right temperature as she sings the thought-provoking lyrics “living [my life] away from [you] but I need your help to get through”. Ajay B adds his own palette from down under, a throbbing bass line laced with pulsating synthesizers and a beat that pops a pleasant surprise at 2:54. Unfinished Letter is refreshing and definitely sets the mood of Eliz Camacho’s forthcoming album.

Unfinished Letter (Studio Live Version) – Unfinished Letter, the second EP release, following first EP Get Loose, films singer-songwriter, Eliz Camacho live recording up close and personal experiences in her life and music, embarking a journey in remembrance of her grandfather. Unfinished Letter includes studio session with commentary scenes at The Lounge Studio (New York City), featuring debut single “Unfinished Letter”.

Unfinished Letter [Ajay B Club Mix] – Right off the bat with their first collaboration “Unfinished Letter”, Eliz Camacho (US) and Ajay B (AUS) have put in work across 10,000 miles yet again on the official remix of Unfinished Letter [Ajay B Club Mix]. This radio-friendly and extremely catchy track has heavy mass appeal that’s bound to go on heavy rotation worldwide. Eliz Camacho’s layered and powerhouse vocals really works well and gives it a distinctively nostalgic and soulful feel. Ajay B adds his own palette subtle, yet prickly synths for a cleverly addictive new take on the original. The Unfinished Letter Club Mix explodes into a vibrant dance track and you’ll find it difficult getting this one out of your head.


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