The Rise of MillyGotIt: The First Female Talent of Most Prolific Records LLC

MillyGotIt, the Mott Haven native, has made a thunderous debut with her first EP “Milly’s World” under the Most Prolific Records LLC label. She is the first female talent to work with the esteemed record company, and her magnetic vibrations alongside witty bars and too much sass have left fans in awe.

With a “f*** you pay me” view on life, MillyGotIt paints a strong picture for like-minded women who relate to her experiences about love, hate, sex, friendship, and other challenges faced by everyday women in NYC. MillyGotIt is a definite leader behind the microphone, showcasing her feminine bravado with piercing lyrics that leave a lasting impression.

Her EP is a warm-up to the full MillyGotIt experience, but with only four songs, it has already captured the attention of fans worldwide. The breakout single, “Please Me (Up and Down),” has grown a massive overseas fanbase while slowly bubbling up in the NYC rap scene. MillyGotIt’s other tracks, like “Mars,” exude sexual empowerment and cockiness that draws listeners in like no other.

After a year of recording, building, and developing as an artist, as well as growing her confidence, MillyGotIt has shown that she is an attention holder, leaving fans wanting more. She has marked her place in the rap industry as a fierce female rapper who is unafraid to speak her mind and stand her ground. MillyGotIt’s EP is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates bold, unapologetic, and creative rap music.

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