Tha Remedy: “The Weight” – superb lyricism, along with a gritty yet calming tone of his voice

Tha Remedy is an artist that reflects a teen living in London and dreaming of something bigger than what society wants for him. Tha Remedy’s EP was an anomaly – in a good respect. Different from so many other rap albums, “Tha EP” combined the best aspects of electro beats, urban, and rap music to make a fine hip-hop effort.

tha-remedy-250Tha Remedy’s British accent is endearing, giving rap a different voice than it has possessed before. While he may not necessarily be trying to totally reinvent the wheel, he is changing it’s shape as an MC. He shows that he has a unique knack and talent for stringing inspiring rhymes together successfully – “Tha EP” effort epitomized proof of this.

Tha Remedy has a flow that is fast, yet you can still understand him. He doesn’t rap about your typical things and he has pretty positive messages. There’s no denying this young man from the UK has extreme talent. One of the things I like about this artist is, he does his own thing and is extremely brilliant with what he is doing.  If you need something with a subsonic driving bass to motivate you for just about anything, Tha Remedy’s latest track, “The Weight” is perfect.

Tha Remedy’s music direction is so different and yet addicting to listen to. This young rap artist is putting it down. Tha Remedy delivers a unique and creative sound with “The Weight”. He uses a unique concept – an experimental concept – to bring an introspective look into the track. Tha Remedy’s superb lyricism, along with the gritty yet calming tone of his voice, compliment his subject-matter well; on top of that, he has a wicked flow!

The track features an eclectic music production that works well with Tha Remedy’s voice, and is sonically very interesting. Tha Remedy delivers the constant lyrical substance most listeners look for in Hip-Hop/Rap. With every release Tha Remedy spits out, quality and hard work is shown throughout.


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