SIR-PRIZE has something that the world can adapt to and appreciate!

SIR-PRIZE, who began his career performing for free at local events and music functions, has broken every media barrier and recently released numerous blockbuster singles, “SC73, DO YOU LIKE THIS MOMMY, DJ ALL STARS” etc. SIR-PRIZE is also an ASCAP member since 2002.

Sir-Prize has branded CW (Committee Wear), his own clothing that he has presented into his wide variety of products. His web presence became a staple in the minds of music consumers and industry professionals. He’s known as an artist of Quality Services and Quality Products. He believes he has something that the world can adapt to and appreciate from an artist with style, knowledge and originality.


  • Released and Executive Produced 3 albums and over 70 mix tapes.

  • Recorded and Released 10 Commercial Singles.
  • Sold over 10,000+ units.
  • Released over 10 Music videos.
  • Performed at numerous venues and community Stop The Violence Events from 2004 to present.
  • Performed on Show Time At The Apollo
  • Been on numerous internet radio stations. ( World Wide Radio, The Blaze, Hot 91.1, IM Radio, HipHopFriends Radio, Shade 45 Siruis Radio, Butterflydownload in UK, Hotline Radio, All Usigned, kiss 107.7fm Int) to name a few.
  • Was in the Switzerland Newspaper in 2005.
  • Was a part of HipHopFriends Retail/ DJ Pool Distribution.
  • Landed an article in 2007 EXPLOSIVE MAGAZINE.

    Has collaborated with numerous artist and producers local to international ( Ohio, Kentucky, VA, New Jersey, Paris, Germany, Russia, Somalia. United Kingdom, Belgium, United Kingston Jamaica, to name a few.)

  • Appeared on many Public Access shows
  • (Mr. Batch in the neighborhood, Ron Alexander Show, Rising Stars TV, Bronxnet  to name a few.
  • Branded a clothing line called CW (Committee Wear) and just recently got his Cw Sneakers launched.
  • Performed as a headliner for the artist Bone Crusher.
  • Performed as a headliner for the artist Trina The Baddest Chick.
  • Released 1 Album and 3 Singles in 2015.


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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