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SHENNA: “Air Balloons” – powerful, natural vocals and a bucketful of charisma!

Shenna Somsmieh, known by her stage name SHENNA, is a singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, co-producer, and model, who since the age of 7, has performed in front of thousands across the U.S. She has completed notable performances at Disney World, Webster Hall – where she opened for Swedish artist Sebastian Mikael, Central Park and the 2015 D.C. Pride Festival, where she opened for En Vogue and Carley Rae Jepson.


In May 2014, SHENNA released her debut record, “Dream In Color”, and is currently working on her full-length album release. In the meantime we can grab her single, entitled “Air Balloons”, available on iTunes. SHENNA is a really talented vocalist, and her songwriting is just as good. Her vocals especially shine on here, a sexy playful song which has a great backing beat and production, but would be just as good acoustically. It is an example of her excellent songwriting and performance.

SHENNA makes girl power pop, blended with some cool R&B vibes, and can hang with the best of them. “Air Balloons” marks the return of a legacy in short supply of late: a strong singer-songwriter. While containing enough technical tropes for the younger masses, her strong hooks, lyricism, and musical maturity have something for all.  You will be hooked by this track which has all the makings of being a feel-good, windows-down pop jam for the summer.

From start to finish, SHENNA puts her heart and soul into track that you can’t help but want more when it ends. She never forces her voice into ridiculous pyrotechnics, like some of her peers do, preferring to keep a sultry and sleek, easygoing vocal melody, over a smooth but uplifting beat. And it works perfectly, because her overall performance is definitely deserving of stardom.

While other pop stars (who shall not be named) are out just twerking and blatantly selling sex, SHENNA sets about her craft in a more purposeful way, without losing any trace of her femininity, sensuality or artistic appeal. She does this all with powerful, natural vocals and a bucketful of charisma. I’m quite surprised mainstream radio has not picked up on this song…and artist yet!

When you want pop music to uplift you, it’s hard to beat this. SHENNA has a great voice and her production values are top notch.


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