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We all know DJ & Music Producer Leo Salom’s sound, his tracks – from “Your Words (Aren’t Worth My While)” to the newest “Kiss you when we fight”- has accustomed us to eccentrics and tasteful harmonies, which re-read traditional jazz’s influences in a unusual tropical key.

When you listen Salom’s music you feel the ocean, Tuscany, and his passion for his art – a killer mix. Impossible to stay calm when one of his track’s play on. Impossible not being amazed in front of the enormous success of Regolare Records, his record label which catapulted Deep House a lot of years ahead.

In a stale music scene, in which we have lost the hope to see something new anymore, Regolare Records, also based on, and strengthened by, its founder’s expertise, for years now one of the biggest and well-known figures on the Deep, Future and Tropical House scene, with almost a decade of activity behind him, literally exploded.

Innovation and a certain “tomorrow’s taste” has always characterized the DJ Leo Salom sound, considered one of the freshest artists in the freshest city: Los Angeles, soul of internationally known clubs, from Liason to Avalon. But becoming someone in the U.S.A., and the U.K., for those who didn’t know, wasn’t enough for this talented Italian artist, even if maybe not even his biggest fan could’ve predicted the enormous impact that his label would have had.

And it’s moving from a freshness concept, and from an obvious, evident and total absence of limits and mental superstructure, that Leo Salom managed to snazz up Deep House with this label, unique in its kind, and destined to make its mark, if not to change electronic music forever.

Never before, neither in the Italian, nor US market, have we had the chance to listen to music that merges together, in such a perfect way. The tropical sound with the typical electronic one. Never before has house music appeared so powerful and addictive, something destined to have a huge impact and a big influence in the music scene. Something destined to be a guide for everyone who wants to approach this word. Plus: something we’ll listen to for years and years, and not only from Salom. He took the lead, and music will follow him.

Is this because of the Italian thing? Is this because he started playing drums before discovering his passion for electronic music production? Is this because of a lucky match between the two? We don’t know, but this is a real punch in the face, a real and strong revolution, especially for Deep House, that definitively leaves Chicago to lie in Cali’s sun, and do it with the credibility typical of the things born from a long experience and an hard work, and mostly for this, are destined to have a long life. Long live Regolare!


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