Pyro: “Don Style Remade” featuring Young Pharoah – it’s all about charisma and personality!

Pyro is an artist from Compton CA, who despite all of life’s obstacles, still manages and finds a way to make it through. Pyro shows that rap can be fun with his track “Don Style Remade” featuring Young Pharoah. If you’re looking for complex rhyme schemes, complicated flows or advanced subject matter, keep looking. Pyro raps here, are strictly rhyme/rhyme, switch.

The dude is shooting straight from the head and the heart, and what keeps Pyro interesting is his style. He chants, sings, and raps his lyrics in a deceptively simple way that makes you think maybe you could be a rapper too. But you’d best believe that it takes talent. If it didn’t, this writer would be shooting off rhymes too instead of just writing about them.


In varying combinations throughout the track, Pyro and Young Pharoah may sound like normal rappers because they’re not doing anything technically out of reach or groundbreaking. Yet you’ll keep hitting your repeat button every time this song ends. Why is that? Simple, they don’t take themselves too seriously; they take an idea and run with it as long as it feels good.

Pyro and Young Pharoah are about one thing on “Don Style Remade” – entertainment. They’re not trying to stimulate, provoke or educate in a preaching way – though they can do that too, I’m sure. They’re giving you the one thing missing from most Rap and Hip-hop releases currently doing the rounds – entertainment. No doubt the man has a way with words and a strong mic presence.

Pyro will turn hip-hop on its ear, if he keeps doing releases like this. And it won’t be because of his beats, or because of his flow. It’s all about charisma and personality for this Compton native. If you’ve ever followed Pyro TV and watched any of Pyro’s vlogs, you’ll know what I’m talking about. He brings that same charm and appeal into his rapping.  This guy has the whole package: the voice, the wit, the lyrics, and the unique flavor that few can bring to the spectrum.

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