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Pastor R.L. Hall Prepares to Release New Single

‘We Need Love All Over The World’ is singer’s first release in 30 years

Singer/songwriter Pastor R.L. Hall is getting ready to release a new single ‘We Need Love All Over the World’ from the upcoming album of the same name. The single is a heartfelt appeal from Pastor Hall, who calls on people to act to end gun violence and racism in their communities.

“People need to be reminded that we are all brothers and sisters no matter what color we are,” Pastor Hall says. “I want to use this song to remind everyone that we can use the power of Jesus’ love to end the fighting all over the world and right in our own neighborhoods.”

The song calls for everyone to step up to end gun violence in crime ridden cities in the United States and around the world. Pastor Hall, who is also a producer, arranger, and keyboardist also calls on citizens in war-torn countries to embrace the power of love to fight violence and discrimination.

“I hope that everyone who listens will be inspired to step up and put an end to violence. It’s time to stop the killing and get together like one happy family regardless of the color of your skin or where you’re from,” Pastor Hall adds.
We Need Love All Over The World” is the first single being released by Pastor Hall in over thirty years. In 1985, the singer collaborated with Henderson Thigpen and James Banks for singer Shirley Brown on the single ‘Boyfriend’ which debuted at 69 on the Billboards R&B Chart.

The single is currently being prepared for release on the iTunes store, Spotify, Amazon, Rdio, Google Play, eMusic, Simfy, Deezer, Rhapsody, X-Box Live, Nokia, MUVE Music and others.

pastor-rlhall-300About Pastor R.L. Hall :

Pastor R.L. Hall is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and has been writing songs since he was eight years old. His exceptional songwriting skills led to a partnership with Henderson Thigpen and James Banks to co-write ‘Boyfriend’ for Singer Shirley Brown, which debuted at 69 on Billboards R&B Chart in 1985. Pastor Hall would later accept Jesus Christ as his personal savior in 1988 and answered His call to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 1990. http://weneedloveallovertheworld.com

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