Melchizedek Barin Sui – “Authenticity” – an EP full of natural gems!

Melchizedek Barin Sui is the son of Reggae artist Winston Groovy, and only recently started singing, following in dad’s footsteps. Melchizedek explains that the songs on his EP “Authenticity” were ‘channeled’ through him, while taking natural plant medicine in the Amazon jungle of Peru. “I am focused on doing my part to help raise the consciousness of as many people as possible,” says the artist. “I believe that my songs are uplifting, high vibrational, healing and spiritual, and the lyrics are geared towards helping people to understand ‘who and what we are’ and how we can change our lives and manifestations with this knowledge,” he concludes.

Melchizedek Barin Sui has given us a rousing and thought-provoking project, which threads his talents, his mindset, and his spiritual status together perfectly. The EP is predominantly an organic roots release, but what Melchizedek has done so well is the peaking and troughing of the genre throughout, adding in inflections of, and influences from, other styles too. World music, folk elements and ethnic flavors beautifully mix and meld across “Authenticity”.

The key here is ‘less is more’, as Melchizedek Barin Sui creates acoustically driven arrangements that ebb and flow across smooth chord progressions, featuring clean guitars, haunting strings and vibrant percussion. But Melchizedek is not afraid to tread a more up-tempo beat-driven path, either. As can be heard on the joyous verve of the highly infectious and rhythmic EP closer “Be”. This one will have up on your feet and swaying to the mesmerizing groove.

The EP opens with the title track “Authenticity (R.R. Remix)” – a winding, fluid Roots-based track that is helped on its journey by an equally winding bass line and the attractive accompaniment of a jangling guitar and a layer of warm harmonies. Melchizedek Barin Sui’s baritone echoes with world-weary honesty as it enters your soul. His voice is steady, surefooted and never forced into histrionics, as it willfully meanders across the beat effortlessly.

The following track, “You” is built on an all-embracing melody that is both sweet and sentimental. “I will heal you, cause I can feel you. I’ll never leave, I’m with you every day. I will soothe you. I’ll never lose you. So no need to worry, cause my love is here to stay,” sings Melchizedek Barin Sui, with a vocal tone and delivery that is as assuring as ever. It is the perfect embellishment of passionate, romantic music. Creating an emotive and compelling piece of work that lingers in the memory.

The original version of “Authenticity” comes up next, and is even more haunting and impressive than the remixed version. The song is powerfully dominated by Melchizedek Barin Sui’s deep vocal rasp. It reflects the zenith of its creator’s artistry, both in vocal delivery, melodic arrangement and lyrical expression. Up next is the aforementioned, and vibrant EP closer, “Be”. Feel free to dance and sing along, loudly. Indeed it’s a precious high-energy ride.

“Authenticity” is an EP full of natural gems. It’s thematic focus makes it a diverse, multifaceted listening pleasure that’s not only food for thought, and a restoring massage for the soul, but a treat for your ears as well.


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