Live Shameless: “Lost in our Thoughts” steamrolls your ears with legendary sounding beats and intricate rhyme styles

The movement towards truth, liberty, and alternative media was cultivated by seeds planted in hip-hop by the conscious forefathers of the genre. While many of today’s MCs have totally relinquished that noble path for greener pastures towards personal riches there are a handful of hip-hop artists whose music still seek to enlighten a generation. Artists who strive to create songs full of good vibes, tight beats, original flow, and verses full of uplifting wisdom and knowledge.

Live Shameless
Live Shameless

The Virginia Beach duo of Justice and Daezon, who make up the collective called Live Shameless, work with that very ethic in mind. “Our message is to eliminate self-doubt and encourage expression of dreams,” say the duo. “We want to inspire the world and show people there’s always another way to see things. Positivity is what we breathe and never allow poison into our system. We just want to spread love and uplift spirits.”

Live Shameless currently has their 11-track mixtape, “Lost in our Thoughts” doing the rounds, while they finish work on their upcoming release, “Rose Gold”. With almost as many producers, as it has tracks (including J Dilla and 9th Wonder), the mixtape’s influence on underground Hiphop will be permanent. The beats and music are slamming and the lyrics are fantastic. And it gets better and better every time you spin it.

If you like music that rocks you makes you want to dance, or drops the funky beat-down – and you regard that as merely the minimum requirement, because you want it to make you feel good as well as make you think – then “Lost in our Thoughts” is for you!  If on the other hand you want music to go brain-dead to, just tune into any top 40 radio and put your head under a truck tire, because you won’t find that here.

Live-Shameless-350BLive Shameless delivers a musical blend that sits somewhere between old school sounds and new school vibes. They steamroll your ears with legendary sounding beats while spitting hypnotically seductive and intricate rhyme styles. Hip-hop heads all around the world will easily recognize that Justice and Daezon know how to stand up in front of a microphone.

This mixtape is well organized and the beats kick total butt I believe. Live Shameless understands the nature of the human psyche, and the existing powers and differences, which positively or negatively ignite the souls of mankind. However, they love all except the wack and believe that humanity is the key to the future. More powerfully positive music needs to surface in this world and Live Shameless is one of the best examples there is.

Live-Shameless-350Lyrically, “Lost in our Thoughts” really stretches the limits of hip-hop. It treads ground that few hip-hop artists dare go to anymore and where few have gone before. I think that most rappers need to listen to tracks such as, “Demons And Angels (prod.Frakenstein)”, “Stone Garden (prod.Psycho Realm)”, “Shifted Minds (prod.Alchemist)”, “Shifted Minds (prod.Alchemist)” and “Police (Prod.Marshtini)” before going into the studio, to remind them what Hip-hop is really about.

“Lost in our Thoughts” comes out in the midst of a lot of negativity in hip hop, which has overtaken the genre. With so much present-day emphasis on less than relevant lyrics, Live Shameless breaks it down without sacrificing the thump of the bass and beats, making the mixtape an awesome listen straight through. Get this straight away if you don’t have it!


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