Landmine: “Daydreamer” – a gorgeous, heartfelt, melodic and acoustically driven, alternative indie-folk masterpiece

Landmine is an independent, alternative indie band from Palo Alto, CA made up of high school friends Parth Relan, Daniel Bortner, and Alex Vahidsafa. The band has been going since 2013. The question is how could I have missed Landmine for so long?

A gorgeous lush familiar sound that sits comfortably, anywhere between REM and Neil Young, listening to Landmine is like sharing a meal with an old friend or curled up with a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night; comforting, familiar and thoroughly enjoyable.

Landmine-LogoFollowing on the “Rising Sun” Ep release, their latest track “Daydreamer” is a gorgeous, heartfelt melodic and acoustically driven, alternative indie-folk masterpiece. The songwriting and the performances are full of subtlety and elegance in a gently melancholic piece that allows gusts of ‘disruptive’ drums to shatter any familiarity that the beautifully lugubrious strings may induce into the listener.

In the era of cookie cutter American-Idol-type artists and supposedly cutting edge electronic bands who merely ape the Top 40 sounds, Landmine stand out…exactly as what, I’m not sure just yet, as they’re only at the beginning of their artist quests and cannot be squeezed into comfortable listener zones. Presuming that they want to be zoned, that is! But they stand out, and that matters!

Parth Relan of LANDMINE
Parth Relan of LANDMINE

The Landmine songs are by turns tuneful, moving, literate, complex and most often just plain memorable – unlike anything you’re likely to hear on the radio or see on VH1 though.

“Daydreamer” tells a sad and gentle fable of someone that wishes and waits, without ever really accomplishing anything. The song begins lightly but ultimately gains power and momentum and becomes quite moving. It’s a pure demonstration of what makes Landmine so unique: their ability to tell deeply affecting stories within the context of a simple, minimalist, indie pop song…in under 3 minutes!

On each subsequent release, Landmine matures and gains confidence as artists. My hope is that it also helps them find a wider audience, which they so thoroughly deserve!


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