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If there’s such a thing as Dark-Pop perfection, Cellarhouse nail it with their new ‘Rethink My Love’ EP

Four stunning mixes of Cellarhouse’s new track

I confess – for me, this is an absolute earworm of a torch song.  The latest and final single from Cellarhouse’s debut album Hard Times is a real gem and I really can’t get it out of my head. Lead vocalist PJ gives it all she’s got as a tormented woman destroyed by love’s destructive force.

The team have faithfully captured every breath, every agonizing syllable of a broken woman – genuinely awesome.  The producer is obviously old-skool, preferring those antique knob-laden synths, riding an analogue board and giving a respectful nod back to that vintage 90’s dance-music vibe.  There’s no auto-tuning, vocal correction or electronic A.I. wizardry that’s  heard in a lot of today’s studio productions and actually, for us, that’s probably where an extra point is scored.  You really believe this woman when she screams out ‘I have to rethink my love for you…’ and that’s partly down to lack of vocal processing which gives her performance authenticity. Credit to Producer Jezz Wright who still takes an analogue approach to sound engineering.

Cellarhouse have a sound that fuses old-skool EDM, 80’s synth-lines with something that’s a little undefinable but utterly mesmerizing. On this EP you’ll find four mixes: the remastered single, two vintage-house dance mixes and the remixed original demo (produced to promote the original Captain Marvel movie (no, me neither) According to their PR, the latter three mixes were consigned to deletion but were saved last minute by their engineer after discovering and remastering them two years after original recording them and, in our humble opinion, that was the right call!  You gotta play the two house mixes with some serious volume to really appreciate the tour-de-force they’ll have as summer club bangers.

But my heart belongs to PJ and mix number one. If you like you’re indie-pop dark and downtempo then this track just nails it. Cellarhouse are a mysterious bunch. Interview’s are always politely declined preferring instead to let the music do the talking.  Fair enough. Ladies and gentlemen, put your headphones on, and rethink your love.

Out on release just about everywhere!






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