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Harrison Nida has the ability to gather a wide fanbase and captivate them with his sound!

After three years of writing, recording, mixing and promoting, the Ep “Harrison” by Northern California, San-Carlos native Harrison Nida, was released on iTunes the 24th of March 2015. This comes in the wake of the successful releases of two critically-acclaimed singles, namely “Celebrity Crush” and “Ocean Skin”.  The two aforementioned tracks can now be found together with “Until The Stars Die”, “Home”, “Let It Bleed”, and “Alienist” on the 6-track “Harrison”, which can be purchased digitally on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/harrison-ep/id973253540 or physically through http://harrisonnida.com/store/.

Harrison Nida’s debut Ep is good, solid pop. Some of the songs are foot-tapping catchy, and others are earworms that are hard to not sing while walking around. If you’re looking for songs with lots of emotional depth and substance, “Harrison” will work for you. But if you’re looking for catchy music to energize your day, I’d highly recommend this too!

harrison-nida-400Nida writes songs about feelings and experiences that are universal, but expresses them in a voice that is uniquely his own. I doubt there is anyone out there who can’t relate to at least one song on “Harrison”.

Harrison Nida writes songs for sunny afternoons that on the surface sound like pure pop, but after further inspection of it proves to be much, much more. The Ep is driven by Nida’s lyrics. The instrumentation is solid, but it’s the words and craftsmanship of the songs that make an impact.

As an artist, Harrison Nida has savored diverse influences and fields of training. From his start and classical training in choir singing to Jazz and on to his garage bands, his music is seen as alternative because of the blending of these influences to create new sounds.

Lyrically the songs on “Harrison” cover everything from introspective to uplifting, and comforting. Invoking emotions that you forgot voice and song could still do. Musically it will make you tap your feet and bob your head, even in public places.

“Harrison” is an Ep that you can listen to all the way through and rediscover each time. Nida creates Alternative Pop that really connects with many of the issues that plague the ‘twenty-something’ collective.

The melodic chord changes and cool vocals is what first caught my attention, right from listening to the single releases “Celebrity Crush” and “Ocean Skin”. Add that to the fact that Nida’s music is never ambiguous, and that the emotion in his voice explains all the convictions that he sings about, and you’ll be hooked.

Harrison Nida no doubt has the ability and talent to gather a wide fan base and captivate them with his sound. Maybe he isn’t the first to offer his work to the alternative-pop world, but certainly he makes no difficulty blazing new trails.

This debut release demonstrates a well-rounded, consistently high caliber of work throughout all the tracks. If “Harrison” is representative of his work, I expect we will be hearing from Harrison Nida for a long time to come. If you’re not able to remember all the words, then happily, you will certainly have the tunes in your head long after the music has ended.

Musically, there are so many directions Nida’s future endeavors can expand into; hopefully, this, his first big venture will give him the confidence to explore more alternative avenues in future sessions.  If “Harrison” is this polished and profound, imagine what is yet to be!

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