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Skylar Allen: “Win Or Lose: The Beginning” is firing on all cylinders

Skylar Allen started his musical career as a drummer, and now is a songwriter and rap artist who also records, mixes and masters music. Skylar recently released his debut mixtape “Win Or Lose: The Beginning”.  What really sets “Win Or Lose: The Beginning” apart from most any other debut indie release is Skylar Allen’s vision and cohesiveness throughout the entire work. Rather than a collection of stand-alone tracks with some hit and some miss, this mixtape is truly designed to be listened to linearly from beginning to end. The production quality is outstanding.

Skylar Allen
Skylar Allen

The majority of the mixtape oozes musical artistry before you even take into account what Skylar lays on top of the instrumentals. Lyrically, Skylar is ‘consciously aware’ and ‘outspoken’. He uses his own personal experiences and allows us to know him. He doesn’t try to pretend he is someone that he is not.  However, to say that this is a cohesive piece of musical wisdom doesn’t take away the fact that there are some very solid ‘single-prone’ gems ready to stand alone.

Tracks like “Always On My Mind (Prod. OG B. Beats)” and “Worth It (Prod. Alesky)” are instant classics. “Captivated (Prod. Kid Peace)” and “Wish The Best (Prod. ThatKidGoran)” are probably the most radio-ready tracks. “Way To The Top (ft. Paul Attimo)” is another highlight. And that underscores the versatility of the mixtape. It can be pieced apart or digested whole, and it’s still an unparalleled debut release in the genre.

This will absolutely be one of those albums that reward you the more you listen to it, the more you pay attention to it and the more you try to understand it, or if only to hear the amazing introspective track – “Zone (Prod. Omito)”.

Most will like this mixtape because it is an easy listen and also because it’s fully modern rap, but many more will like it because the lyrical content, the musical compositions and instrumentals, the themes and messages are masterfully constructed, especially considering that this is a debut mixtape.

Discussing his personal journey with flawless storytelling and clear messages Skylar Allen exceeds expectations. Skylar is firing on all cylinders on here; the lyrics, the beats, the samples that were used, the melodies, and the overall concept of this mixtape are totally enjoyable. He addresses his values, experiences, and opinions in a simple poet fashion over amazing beats.

All-round, the “Win Or Lose: The Beginning” mixtape is easy to listen to all the way through. It’s enjoyable and has substance. Bottom line – Skylar Allen has delivered a solid mixtape.


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