Dominik Kwolek “DJ Domo” – The Blues Mix Master

Dominik Kwolek aka DJ Domo was born in Czech Republic. Kwolek who has been interested in music since he was a young child, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, late in the year 2000, which was eventually, successfully cured.

Dominik Kwolek "DJ Domo" – The Blues Mix Master
Dominik Kwolek “DJ Domo” – The Blues Mix Master

An active DJ since 2009, Kwolek comes from a Polish family and since graduating from Economy High School in 2013, he has been studying Logistics and plans on becoming an engineer.

When Dominik Kwolek was younger he used to listen to rap and hip hop, just like most of the young generation does.

He also had an interest in rock n roll, country, house, dance and reggae, soul and funk music. But, ultimately the blues genre was the one which really inspired him. In fact Kwolek has accumulated 7 Blues music compilations and 5 Soul-Funk compilations.

In March Dominik Kwolek won the “Best Blues Cover Album” together with the following citation by the judges: ‘This compilation of material from some of the blues greats bespeaks a strong working knowledge of the genre’s higher achievements – and a DJ’s skill in organizing them as a coherent hour-length narrative.’


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