Cody Howell: A Rising Country Star Unveils His Debut Single “Any Way You Go”

Country music has always been a genre deeply rooted in storytelling and authenticity, and newcomer Cody Howell embodies these values in his debut single, “Any Way You Go.” Despite being a fresh face in the industry, Howell’s musical journey has already reached remarkable heights. With backing vocals featured on the legendary Dolly Parton’s Rock Album, he’s primed to make his mark in the country music world.

“Any Way You Go” is the anthem of the fall, a song that transports you to bonfire Friday nights and idyllic small-town weekends. Howell describes it as a “come-as-you-are” tune, embodying the spirit of good times and great company. Growing up in Kansas, he’s no stranger to those memorable gatherings where friends and neighbors unite to create lasting memories.

Produced by industry heavyweight Kent Wells, Cody Howell is determined to craft a debut that resonates not only with his audience but also within the music business itself. His distinctive sound and honest lyrics promise to captivate the hearts of country music fans far and wide.

“Any Way You Go” is giving country music enthusiasts the chance to experience Cody Howell’s unique musical style and storytelling prowess. His down-to-earth approach and genuine passion for his craft promise to make him a standout artist in the country music scene.

Watch the Lyric Video on his YouTube here:

As Cody Howell takes his first steps into the spotlight, the world of country music eagerly awaits his arrival. To stay updated on Cody’s journey and his debut single release, visit and follow him on social media @codyhowellcountry or by the links below:

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