Ciera Flory: “The Best Thing” – a real voice for the younger generation!

Ciera Flory is a singer/songwriter from a small town in western Ohio. She began singing when she was very young in the back seat of her parent’s car. Singing along with the radio soon turned into talent shows that she would perform her favorite songs at. She learned to play guitar when she was 13 and wrote her first song when she was 15. She signed with Tate Music Group during 2013. Ciera has since released her debut album, “The Best Thing”, which she says is the story of her life.

The album cover
The album cover

Ciera Flory’s voice is as clear as a bell and her sophisticated phrasing enhances her singing all the more. This is a very fine album with excellent sound quality; I particularly like the live organic sound. The album opens with Ciera singing at her best on “Stay”. The song has great percussion, great rhythm and to boot, Ciera sings this without ever letting go of a single superfluous note. The melody has a type of country-pop flavor to it and makes a great start for the album. “Radio Sound” is a slightly catchier and poignant tune; where again Ciera sings her heart and soul out.  Moving ahead, throughout each song, Ciera’s vocals remain squarely in front and center – right where they belong!

“Hey Cass” is a major highlight of this album; this can move even those of us with the hardest of hearts. “Remember You” has Ciera handling complex tempo and tone changes like a pro; it’s another fine example of her potential. The melody is catchy and Ciera never skips a beat, either. “This Time” is quite uplifting and moving; the guitar and other instruments are allowed more space for an edgier pop sound on this.

Ciera Flory
Ciera Flory

“I’ve Been Thinking” is a fierce tune that has Ciera exploring the contrasting emotions that can come with love…and hate – it’s very well done. “The Best Thing” is a stunner that Ciera aces as effortlessly as if it were mere breathing. Of course, we know it really wasn’t all that easy – as Ciera Flory’s voice is a growing one, and she is still chiseling away at the rougher edges, while perfectly honing her craft, but her talent carries her through admirably. Her songwriting is already on the next level, as she takes simple life situations and makes something more lifelike out of them. Ciera Flory handles the songs on this album like a champ and she does this passionately leaving you wanting more, proving that she is not only cute as a button, but she is an extremely talented musician as well.

Ciera Flory is a real voice for the younger generation as she sings about topics relevant to what young growing adults would currently be dealing with and thinking of – which is why she is such a refreshing artist.


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