Charles Parker: “Bring Back The Sun” – seriously rocking, uplifting and spectacular music!

Charles Parker is a seasoned performer with his over 20 years of experience. He sings, plays the guitar and writes his own material which blends rock, folk and pop flavors. A professional musician who also plays in cover and tribute bands, Parker was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland where he received his first guitar from his mother at 10 years old. From then onwards Parker learned to play the instrument following all the musical styles that had trended throughout the ensuing years.  “I learned to play everything I could,” says Charles Parker.  “That’s why in my cover bands, we can pretty much play anything the audience asks for. I’ve been able to make a living as a full time musician for quite a long time which is unheard of around here.”

Finally his long journey of experiences has brought him to his debut album, “Bring Back The Sun”. “When I sat down to write the album,” says Parker, “I don’t remember really trying to do it, it sort of just came out.” Bring Back The Sun” was released digitally on January 27th.

This album had me waking up every day singing a different song from it. That is a sign of greatness, a sign of the power of music able to reach out and grab the listener. Every song has something to say, and in a different way, a different sound, but ultimately is just a great compilation of songs from this amazingly gifted singer, songwriter, musician and performer. There are no fillers on this Bring Back The Sun”. None.

Even the “worst” song in this collection could be a radio hit if they would only play it. That is how strong these songs are. This is music born from another, purer, era of music, based on strong melodies, layered harmonies, logical pop-rock chord progressions, and lyrics suitable for relatable storytelling. All of this is infused with energy and classic organic instrumentation embellished with horn and string arrangements.

And the guitars! Ooh man, the guitars are crunchy and rocking. On songs like “Your Life” and “One Way To Go” as well as “Strollin’”, the guitar solos are scorching. The songs are mostly upbeat and uplifting and it is very hard to choose standouts, but among my favorites are “A Place That We Call Yesterday”, “I Love To Feel The Rain”, “Bring Back The Sun”, “Stop” and “Lose You”. But every song could be someone’s favorite depending on that person’s given mood at the time of listening.

This music never drags you down, and is never dismal, even in its darker moments. Charles Parker sounds like a man with a will and a sense of hope. It’s apparent that Parker pours a great deal of energy and emotion into his songs, and that he is capable of reaching deep down inside of himself to turn even less happier subject matter into some seriously rocking, uplifting and spectacular music.

That’s quite a feat, when you think about it. This album is packed with catchy guitar hooks, rich instrumentation, and excellent vocals. Bring Back The Sun” is well written and mixed, with a layered production that allows the listener to hear new things on every spin.


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