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Cdub the illest: “Hate You” showcases extraordinary skill for vivid imagery and lavish narration

Cdub the illest is a dynamite performer from Cleveland, Ohio, who has been writing music for about 3 years now. His lyrical blades cut deeper than most. He’s loud and fierce and his latest track, “Hate You,” is a winner. In an era where artists are resorting to all sorts of gimmicks to get radio play and mass appeal, Cdub the illest, is coming out with solid, true-to-form hip-hop songs.  He doesn’t slow down, doesn’t ease up, doesn’t sit back and relax. Every one of his songs shows the hard work, emotion, and raw talent that went into it.

Cdub-the-illest-profilePlayful, powerful, and raw, “Hate You,” comes in smooth and crisp, gets soulful, mixes it up with the rhythm changes, and just makes you feel 50 feet tall listening to it. Wow, what a great combination! If you listen to his back catalog you can hear that lyrically Cdub the illest just keeps getting better. A true emcee, he has mastered the craft of rhyme, style, and delivery. Not too many emcees today can match up with him.

With crisp and exciting production, “Hate You” showcases Cdub the illest’s extraordinary skill for spoiling the listener with vivid imagery and lavish narration. Putting his own spin on themes of struggle, betrayal, hating, survival and redemption, the listener is drawn into the emotional life struggle of the track’s protagonist. With such top notch storytelling, there will undoubtedly be comparisons to some of Cdub the illest’s peers and influences; not due to similarities in style, but due to how striking his imagery is and how lasting an imprint he makes.

Cdub the illest is very creative with his lyrics on all his tracks and this is no exception. His lyrics create a story in your mind and to me that is pivotal in being a good rapper. Do yourself a favor and get “Hate You,” spreads the word and help support those who deserve it; those who turn heads with their timeless flows and lyrics to kill for.


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