Carnelia: “The Journey Of Men” – this music it literally bleeds out of your speakers it’s so alive!

Carnelia are an alternative rock band hailing from Athens, GA. They have completed a ten track concept album called “The Journey Of Men” and they are releasing a series of correlated music videos for every track. So far the band has released 4 tracks and the related videos, and despite the comic book type characters and lighthearted visual creativeness of their videos, Carnelia is actually a seriously talented band with a rock sound that’s difficult to categorize…if you’re into categorizing that is.

carnelia-350bThe songs are huge, sprawling, well-accomplished epics. The musicianship is tight and complex, but never detracts from the songwriting. The band has a strong pop sensibility, which balances out nicely with their progressive rock tendencies. Though Carnelia does stick to the usual pop-rock song structures, many times there’s a brilliant bridge thrown in and the song will deviate from its original pathway and go into a completely different feel before returning to base. There is so much raw energy and feeling to this music it literally bleeds out of your speakers it’s so alive.

From “Africa The Great” through “Alien” and “Way Down To Mexico” to “Zombie In Ducktown”, the tracks are so diverse, from straight upbeat rock, to awesome twisted, start-stop tunes, that are mystical and gripping beginning to end. The transitions made between the music, as well as the use of storyboard elements such as voices and sounds seamlessly interwoven make this an awesome listen. The actual lyrics are also deep and interesting because they narrate a larger epic story.

Carnelia displays the capability of capturing complex melodies in a seemingly simple fashion, as is evident on “Way Down To Mexico” for example, while the sheer skill of Tony Hossri – lead vocals, guitarist, songwriter and producer, for the band, is all apparent in every song. To explain every angle and essence of the so far released 4 tracks from this album, would take quite a long review. It’s actually much easier and fulfilling to just listen to this band than have someone vaguely guessing what the genius of Carnelia is all about. Suffice to say this is one of the great hopes for the continued evolution of rock and certainly a band no one should miss.

carnelia-350Carnelia is a band you can’t put in a genre or even try to explain to anyone. They simply inspire you, drag you in, and you feel awesome for it. In the realm of concept albums and stories told through music, Carnelia are slowly working their way through crowd, as they craft an original and inspiring storyline that is told through these 10 tracks, of which we have heard 4 thus far. Each song progresses to new heights and never falls – which bring me to wonder at just which level they will be by the tenth track!

Of all the indie rock bands I have heard in 2015, Carnelia is hands down one of the most emotionally and aesthetically compelling. If you want a deep, and interesting new band, go for it, if you want the same overplayed junk, listen to the radio!


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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