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A Blend of both worlds, Jem reveals his moving, cinematic debut – ‘Secrets’

Entranced and shrouded in mystery, independent singer-songwriter and all round artist Jem has arrived revealing his debut single and video, the exquisitely cinematic – ‘Secrets’. A distant glimmer gently pierces the vibrant Eastern sky, as the heat of the day rises from beneath the golden sands. A warm, woozy haze emanates off the horizon as a whispering voice, ancient yet familiar dances on the wind. 

Rare, enticing and utterly spellbinding, ‘Secrets’ is a heady blend of desert-dry Middle Eastern percussions and melismatic singing embellished with gritty, rock infused guitar. Lavishly painted with dark, emotive and mysterious lyricism, Jem’s vocal conjures intrigue and vivid imagery as he details a cryptic narrative. 

His art is an eclectic medium of transportation, showcasing his innate ability to blend both sides of the sword. ‘Secrets’ offers a delicate bridge between worlds, combining the contemporary Western sounds he collected in years living in London, delicately pieced together with his culture, antiquity and the wisdom that lies within his Middle Eastern roots. 

“Sometimes I visualise my songs before writing them. With this song, imagery came to me in a dream-like state, and all I did was react musically to how these images made me feel. When writing Music, I always hark back to a place, a visual, a feeling that reminds me of the warm and embracing state of where I grew up.

Photo by by Ferhat Topal

‘I’ve always been interested in the unknown, and the feeling lies between the lines. Music and art are my way of highlighting the beauty that I see, which is often buried with a plain sight for most people.” Jem

Accompanied with an endlessly colourful, deeply moving and visually aromatic video, ‘Secrets’ offers an authentic and raw glimpse into the Middle East’s sheer beauty, warmth, and enchantment of its people.  Directed by the renowned Mu Tunc (Arada, Becoming Duru, Toth: When I Awoke). Eager to immerse you into his realm, Jem steps out of the shadows ready to share his ‘Secrets’ with all who will bear witness.

Listen to ‘Secrets’ Now | WATCH THE Official video 

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Jems Bio:

Forever intrigued by the unseen, unspoken and the hidden, Jem discovered songwriting as an outlet to render his otherworldly feelings. Offering a rare and unique trait of one so young, Jem embodies intensity and talent far beyond his years and experience. Now ready to reveal his first single, ‘Secrets’, the Turkish musician merges his Alternative Rock inspirations from the ’90s with his Middle Eastern melodies carefully collected from his childhood.

Before crossing over to study Contemporary Music in London, Jem studied Opera at the age of 16. His musical influences vary from Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, The Doors, Nick Drake, Sarah Vaughan and music across the Middle East (Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, and other Arab world countries). With a voice that brings light to the dark and an effortless vibrato that can melt your soul in an instant, Jem’s expressive sound and introspective art take you on a spiritual adventure.


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