Warprize: “Last Night” – a smoldering, open-hearted delivery

Warprize is an unsigned hip hop artist, born in Kurdistan and raised in Virginia. Heavily influenced early on by old-school hip hop artists Tupac, Eminem, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Big Pun, Big L, Biggie. Warprize, who started writing poetry at the age of 9, had dreams of making it to the NBA but that quickly changed when his passion for music grew in high school.


Warprize recently released the single, “Last Night”, produced by Sergio Cortez. This guy has all the flow in the world. His rhymes are on point as he comes with a pack of multis and there aren’t too many rappers that write lyrics with the skill and direction that he does. From the very opening of “Last Night”, Warprize gives us a taste of his slow-burning, intense wordplay and creativeness with a set of descriptive lines about an intriguing situation ‘last night’.

Warprize’s amazing storytelling ability is totally showcased on this track. And going through his catalogue you notice that his songs are phat, smooth and full of great rhyme schemes and sharp metaphors from the intro to the last track. Another great thing is the production.

Sergio Cortez does a fantastic job of producing a track that is almost Soul and Blues influenced, which perfectly suits Warprize’s smoldering, open-hearted delivery. You can sense a trace of urgency in his voice as he spits out every word which is clear, defined and soul-searching, and its Warprize’s storytelling and delivery that ultimately makes this track really shine.

Seriously anyone that is a rap fan should get this track. Warprize is everything that an emcee should be; fresh and creative with a lot of charisma. “Last Night” consists of pure skill in lyrics, beat, and most importantly, rapping ability!


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