UK Artist Ryan Michaels releases new album BACK ALLEY LOVIN

UK Artist Ryan Michaels releases new album BACK ALLEY LOVIN’, a fusion of Latin, pop, rock and has found his songs championed by international broadcasters in countries like the USA, Australia, South America, UK, New Zealand, Canada and Hawaii. His new double single release of BACK ALLEY LOVIN’ and RENEGADE GROOVE ON THE TRAIL OF A BADASS BASSLINE is already proving popular with broadcasters.

“Excellent YOUTUBE VIDEO for BACK ALLEY LOVIN’. Love the melodic tones in your voice. A special talent music producers should be knocking down your door to sign you.” Sue Ellison, HCR Radio, Liverpool. UK

“I think you have an amazing voice and the songs are very catchy!” Nick Price 105.9 Academy FM UK.

“Our FEATURED INTERNATIONAL ARTIST” writes Nina Henderson for CBAA awarding winning station 89.7FM Perth, Australia.

“Thanks for sharing your music will put it onto our system today!” Mandy Kearne, 4DDD Radio Queensland, Australia.

Thanks for the tracks on our playlist. Please keep them coming! “LJ Head of Music, Meander Valley Radio, Tasmania, Australiuka.

“Good music. Programming now!” writes Diego Ricardo for Rádio Comunitária UAB FM 87.5. Brazil

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