K.I.N.G. the MC has been influenced by the hardships and life experiences he has endured

Throughout the course of creating his latest album, TGTBTU 2, K.I.N.G the MC went through some of toughest times he’s ever experienced in his life. He lost some family, some friends, and even lost his house. He says however, that through it all he never lost hope or his faith in God.”

“I’m thankful for the hard times, for it is these moments that inspire the very stories you hear in my music,” says K.I.N.G, “and it was these moments that forced me to look within and realize the greatest gift ever given to man…the power to manifest our thoughts into reality.”

Born Zachary Taylor Boetcher, K.I.N.G. the MC is an American rapper, songwriter, motivational speaker, lyricist and spoken word artist. K.I.N.G. is an acronym for Knowledge Inspiring New Greatness. His music has been influenced by the hardships and life experiences he has endured.

He was born poverty stricken but purpose filled. His dream of success and overcoming the cycle of poverty is the driving force behind his music. K.I.N.G.’s purpose is to encourage others to go after their dreams in spite of their circumstances and obstacles they face in their own lives. “I hope to inspire minds and touch the hearts of everyone who listens to my music, says,” K.I.N.G.

K.I.N.G. the MC is on radio rotation with the track titled “Napoleon Hill”. Produced by the legendary Black Metaphor.

Connect with K.I.N.G. the MC

Website is www.kingthemc.com
IG is @kingthemc
Facebook is @storyofk.i.n.g.
Twitter is @kingthemc_

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