“Too Much Smoke” by OTIS (ft. Antonia Marquee) is currently garnering radio play, streams and fan interest!

The track “Too Much Smoke” by Otis (ft. Antonia Marquee) is currently garnering radio play, streams and fan interest. The single is both gorgeous and addictive. The connection with the lyrics is a connection with your head. The connection with the slow burn groove of the music is a connection with your heart. The instrumental, vocals and rapping, complement each other impeccably – neither one overpowers the other – and the airy soulfulness is a thing of beauty. It is both inspiring and nostalgic, strong and wistful. This meeting-place of the gamut of man’s experiences makes this track a resonant one amongst our generation.

The culture of the weed is evident in the music. The lyrics will resonate with this generation. The longings of our souls, and our wandering feet that are held only by the force of gravity, need the freedom to chill and fantasize: “You ever get lost up in the clouds? We stuck in a haze. We ain’t coming down. Yeah we’re on a trip, we going around. I just close my eyes, I want to feel it now,” sings Antonia Marquee. This track has a continuous flow and if you’re someone who’s a sucker for a catchy melody, this is fantastic.

OTIS supplies the deep-voiced counterpoint to Antonia’s hook, with his resonant baritone: “Got what you need man, indeed man, it ain’t free man. You got the cheese and I got the trees. It’s me, your neighborhood weed man.” This track has such a great vibe about it. It doesn’t lose any impact on repeated listening at all, and just a couple of bars will hook you in.

OTIS is an artist and producer, as well the co-founder and CEO of the independent label CoolPpl Ent. They distribute and promote their own genre of music called Southern Hip Hop Blues, which features a lot of 808’s, good singing, live instruments, and lyrics that stick to your bone. They are following the formula of the Neo- Soul and Contemporary Blues genres and applying it to Hip Hop.

“Too Much Smoke” by Otis (ft. Antonia Marquee) is currently available on platforms such as GOOGLE PLAYAPPLE MUSIC and SPOTIFY.


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