Timothy Ross: “The Crown EP” has great lyrics, innovative sounds and interesting effects

Timothy Ross is a 20-year-old rapper from Vancouver, Canada. He has been rapping since 2013 and is currently attending film school, while moving towards his dream of working in both the film and music industries. After his 2015 EP, “I Am”, Ross has released the follow-up entitled “The Crown EP”. For the most part, the songs on this recording are put together for a cohesive listen.

Timothy Ross
Timothy Ross

Ross’ rap skills are put to the test on a variety of different beats, tones, subject matters and emotions — all of which are executed with precision. Clearly though, Ross is truly at his most comfortable on this EP when he is rapping about real tangible issues at hand. He has a very forward way of articulating an issue that is close to home.

Smart, self-aware, thoughtful, and not at all completely adhering to the standard formula for rap music; “The Crown EP” has great lyrics, innovative sounds and interesting effects. Like the copious use of auto-tune, and the octave vocals in the hook, on “Definitely Marvelous”, or the varied singing styles on “A Dime, A Dozen”.

But the impressive songs for me are the ones with great deliveries and strong emotional impact, and my choices have to fall on “Addicted”, “Benefit Of The Doubt” ft. Xpress and “On The Run” ft. Xpress. It is on these tracks that Timothy Ross displays the state of his craft.

An exemplary balance of outspoken and introspective cuts alike, “The Crown EP” often reaches beyond its means. And when it does, it’s both due to the input of creative placement and effort, as Ross’ forceful vocal flow meets the inspired beat production.

Timothy Ross
Timothy Ross

I’ll say that Timothy Ross sometimes uses vulgar language and terms that you might find offensive. If you are typically bothered by these things this is a legitimate recording to challenge your sensibilities: if you’re offended by a song, listen to it again and try to understand why Ross is saying those things, or using those specific terms.

Some of Ross’ lyrics touch on glimmers of truth in all our lives, and others are just his personal stream of consciousness. Either way the lyrical content tells a great story. Each song is a journey that Ross walks you through, holding your hand the whole way.

Timothy Ross works really hard at expressing his views and life stories, and it would be very tough to find another rapper as honest or as comfortable in their own skin. As a lyricist, Ross is technically proficient, but it is the fact that his verses are filled with tons of personality, that distinguishes him from the pack.

Do yourself a favor and check the new EP out if you’re interested in Rap music at all. Timothy Ross might just end up being your new favorite rapper.


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