The YeahTones: “A REAL SONG” – rock with socio-political commitment!

Brooklyn-based rock ’n’ roll quartet The YeahTones, led by Jake Pinto (guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer), has released “A REAL SONG”, the band’s 3rd single and music video, at the beginning of October. Using the gross injustices in society and cover ups of police brutality, the track points a decidedly angry finger at mainstream media, pundits, police and politicians in the USA.

the-yeahtones-tourThe foundation of the song was recorded in one take at Solitude Studios in Pennsylvania featuring Jake Pinto on guitar, Doug Berns on bass, and Dillon Treacy on drums. Jake then recorded vocals, additional guitars and keys at his home studio in Brooklyn.

The music video was made by film-maker Gerardo Rodriguez, an immigrant from Mexico, who met the band at a show in Bushwick. Sharing much of the same views, they decided to make a video clip of the song together.

Apart from the obvious and angered socio-political comment – Depth, layers, twisting and turning rock textures…with just the right amount of that retro psychedelic flavor, this is what “A REAL SONG” is all about musically. The boys have done it again, continuing with the growth evident from “What Could I Do” and “Find My Baby”.

The seething, boiling rage is there – pure and untouched. But it’s channeled and expressed with maturity, nuance and sophistication. The YeahTones make use of texture, contrast, atmosphere and space in the music on this track to get their point across.

It makes the music more compelling and even more haunting…listen to the brilliance of the opening bars to hear what I mean – brooding rage played with grace and finesse. And when Jake Pinto breaks into song, the formula remains the same, boiling point lyrics with a voice that’s on fire, without ever unhinging itself from the fury of the groove.

the-yeahtones-bandPinto’s confident, expressive howl, explores his register, leaning in on the modulation and shading to his voice. And within the intense aggression there is a strong sense of melody and nuance. Once again, the secret weapon of this band is the rhythm section, which is full of precision, monstrous grooves, tension and release, as well as coloring and subtlety, giving the song breath, momentum and magnetic power.

“A REAL SONG” is probably too damn truthful, complex, intricate, and devilishly amazing to be put out on radio. A rush from start to finish; a feeling of energy, emotion, and action, you’ll find you can’t get this song out of your head. Awesome in every way, for what it stands for and for what it sounds like!


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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