The MASH: “Misery of You and Me” – an auditory state of pop-punk ecstasy!

The MASH is a “sugar-high” pop-punk band formed by Haziq, Juju and Afir which is based in Selangor, Malaysia. Both Haziq & Juju were in an Alternative Rock/Metal band called Lies Left Untold, while Afir played for a Blues/Rock N’ Roll band call The K.R.A.V.E.


The name of the band “The MASH” came about when all three members decided to get together and write songs that are easy listening and mainstream hence distancing away from what they were playing at that time. With all three members having different influences individually, the band was named “The MASH” which is from the phrase “Mash-up” meaning mashing up their individual influences to make something that is acceptable for everyone to listen.

The band is current busy working on their debut EP which is scheduled to be released sometime in July/August 2015, in the meantime they have released their latest single, “Misery of You and Me.”

Although this style of music may be considered outdated and passe by some, there are few bands who deliver powerful and catchy pop-punk like The MASH. They have the ability to deliver pop hooks while at the same time rocking out and not abandoning the identity established by the roots of their genre.

With big guitar and massive vocal choruses that owe influences to Simple Plan, McFly, Sum 41, Muse and Blink 182, to name a few, they perfectly embrace the company that they keep. On the new single we are hit with the stunning vocals, smart lyrics, and precise music as the band mix up unique style and substance.


Their music is incredibly infectious and that shows throughout their various singles, such as “Ingin”, “Illusional Girl”, “Misery Of You & Me” and “Rahsia Luna”, which can also be found on Spotify. Their music comes out of the gates like an out-of-control locomotive. From the first note, you can tell The MASH knows their way around this genre. They’re breaking down walls and leaving nothing in their path. From the minute you hit the play button on any of their songs – and “Illusional Girl” is another prime example, you’ll know you are in for a fantastic ride.

Their sound is defiant and strong, and their message is clear; song by song, its one thunderous, melodic assault on your eardrums after another.

The new single “Misery of You and Me”, will definitely set the bar for the upcoming album. Haziq, Juju and Afir’s impassioned cries and chants, the crunchy guitar walks and the big choruses, all combined, will launch you into an auditory state of pop-punk ecstasy. I mean The MASH will literally make you want to slam dance where you stand!


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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