Tagh: “You Know It” (Prod. by @FallOutBeatz) creates its own world!

Rapping is easy; releasing records is hard. This is the sad truth that emerges from many usually tepid and unfocused hip hop records. As a rapper, we can hear that Tagh’s bona fides are firmly in place, so we need to find out when it comes to releasing records, if his batting average will be keeping up. Unlike like many major label artists who deliver the sort of nothing-for-everyone platter that results from too many greedy, insecure managerial hands in the pot, Tagh drops a solid single release with “You Know It” (Prod. by @FallOutBeatz) including the supporting video Shot by @LewisYouNasty.

Hailing from Long Beach, California, Tagh says that his music deals with real issues and real hardships that he has artist experienced on his own skin. And that’s probably part of the reason why this track rings true to the average ear.

The other reason is that Tagh narrows his eyes and focuses, and his verses leaves a smoking crater that not even a relatively on-fire emcee can fill. He has the ability to ride a beat, flip a catchy chorus, and let the punch lines seamlessly roll off his tongue…all at the same time!

The best and worst aspect of this song is its similarity to the hard-hitting braggadocio of Gangsta Rap, but Tagh improves on the formula, proving that he is more than just a fake product of misguided hype, like some of his peers.

With music like so many other industries, getting comfortable, and feeling entitled can lead to downfall. But this is a trap that a hungry rapper like Tagh will hardly fall into.  Though he drops an equal amount of words that can be understood by ladies and thugs alike as he spills his guts out, Tagh has insights and observations that can be read from his lyrics sheet as pure prose. This rap-savant archetype is ready to rise prominence.

“You Know It” (Prod. by @FallOutBeatz) creates its own world both sonically and lyrically. The swirling banging beat plays like a slow, hard, cinematic bed for Tagh’s magnetic flow, allowing his voice to roll syllables around until he’s hit just about every possible permutation, transforming hard consonants into window-smashing rocks.

His style is basically a controlled aggression. Of course, Tagh’s rhymes are only one part of the equation. The production on this track is absolutely stellar too. All in all, Tagh’s infectious personality makes this track a personal classic. Put together with his genius lines and expert beat-selection make for an enthralling listen!



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