“Superstar” (To Sir Elton With Love Mix) is another one of DownTown Mystic’s finest moments!

“Superstar” is the second single lifted off the upcoming “AmeriKarma” album by US Roots Rock project DownTown Mystic, led by writer/producer Robert Allen. Released by Sha-La Music Inc. and distributed worldwide via The Orchard/Sony Music, the single contains 2 mixes and features Steve Holley (Paul McCartney, Elton John) on drums & harmony vocals with urban legend Paul Page (Ian Hunter, Dion) on bass and keyboard wizard Jeff Levine ( Joe Cocker, Hall & Oates) on hand for the To Sir Elton With Love Mix. The track was mastered by mastering legend Leon Zervos at Studios 301 in Australia.

Co-written with G.T Sullivan, “Superstar” recalls the heyday of rockers Elton John, David Bowie and Marc Bolan. “After we recorded the track there was something that made me think of early Elton with touches of Bowie & Bolan, which took me by surprise,” explained Robert Allen. “So I thought why not explore those influences further.”

In these times, music like DownTown Mystic’s is needed more than ever. Music that electrifies and pulsates, that’s authentic and driven, along with lyrics that tell us tales which go close to the bone but are insightful and informative. A band travelling through the blustery winds of time rather fearlessly, DownTown Mystic has created a nostalgic track of ingenuity and, quite frankly, a record blistering in its execution.

“Superstar” is another one of DownTown Mystic’s finest moments. It goes down a different path musically, in respect to “Fly”, but still holds up to the same greatness. Although there is a raucousness within, there are moments when the sophistication flows through. Moments when these musicians show their genius, and musical knowhow so well that it’s difficult not to notice. “Superstar” crams in the signature guitar sounds, and the gritty soaring vocals.

“Superstar” is a definite statement that DownTown Mystic continues to make music on their own terms. Certainly, there are echoes of rock’s resplendent past, but there’s also a sense of which core elements rock should maintain in the here and now.

Proof that when it comes to great rock n’ roll records, the more things change, the more they should stay the same. DownTown Mystic are a solid rock band who repeatedly rise above the noise to dominate (and perhaps legitimize) the classic rock scene.

Surprisingly enough, DownTown Mystic’s biggest and most improbable success has been in, sync licensing, considered one of the hottest and most competitive areas in the music business.

With their songs placed on over 230 TV shows and films, DownTown Mystic has become one of the top sync-licensed artists creating music today. And let’s face it, given the choice between DownTown Mystic or any of today’s retro rock bands, “Superstar” is far better and wholly authentic, compared to the average cloned contribution.

DownTown Mystic Website: http://downtownmystic.net/
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/DTMystic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DTMysticBand
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/downtownmystic33/
Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/artist/19VD3b7cxZuylUNNUP9sdm

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