Suave DaGoat – “DaGoat” embodies his way of telling us that he’s about to step up his game!

A father and a husband, 28 year old Maryland rapper, Suave DaGoat is making his way in the rap world, and his album, “DaGoat”, embodies his way of telling us that he’s about to step up his game. It’s a statement that he’s watched the legends of the genre and he’s about to show us exactly what he’s got. If you want a mix of cinematic vibes, and beats that you’ll find yourself wanting to move to, then you’ve well and truly been delivered. The album continually switches things up and down, so you don’t find each song sliding into the next, unnoticeably. It feels like a rollercoaster, as you settle on a slower beat and then find yourself thrust into a quicker one. All the way through Suave DaGoat makes sure that the raw intensity never lets up.

Choosing a favorite from the 10 songs available here, proves more difficult than expected. But the opening track, “Goat Talk” will quickly catch your attention for its clever, confrontational lyrics and relentless flow. If you’re a sucker for songs with both meaning and technical superiority, then Suave DaGoat has managed to hit the nail on the head right from the get go here.

“Count Me Out”, keeps you in the room, the beat is warm and expansive, and captivates your attention span. Though he uses many moments to reflect deeply, Suave DaGoat makes serious moves on the mic without ever getting strung up for the loss of words, which come thick and fast.

The richly and beautifully orchestrated “All That I Have”, is ferociously and breathlessly charged. It’s fair to say Suave DaGoat is taking his turn, and he’s pushing it to the limit, showcasing all the skills in his artistic toolkit.

Best of all the polished production throughout the album, compliments the experience and confidence that oozes from Suave DaGoat’s verses. “One Shot” bangs in more ways than one with a skittering beat, as Suave manages to combine the rawness of a streetwise anthem with the refined talent you can only forge when you have mastered your craft.

“Gun Smoke” sets its tone with an epic, dark, and hard-hitting slow-burn production, and an eerie ringing chorus. Suave DaGoat, flaunts his rhythmic approach, sometimes haunted, but always giving off vibes. “Who Tf Are You (feat. Rickia Ranise)” flaunts another superbly orchestrated production, which unsurprisingly fuels Suave’s fire. Rickia Ranise shines on the memorable, melodic chorus, while the verses continue to find Suave flexing.

On the whole the sound of this album is both warm – with the classically-influenced orchestration – and hard-hitting, with the animated drum programming and resonating basslines. “Controlling Me” and “On The Line”, continue to push this engaging formula in the same mesmerizing direction, while Suave DaGoat continues to bless us with an agile flow and sharp lyricism.

Every moment on “Fuk’d Up” is riveting, blending a mélange of flavors; a heavy bassline strung under eerie strings and keys, a throbbing beat and sinister hi-hats. As usual, Suave DaGoat pulls off his musical dalliances in catchy and likable fashion, as the concoction of sounds and rhymes up the excitement quotient.  The album closes with mellifluous groove of “Relapse (feat. FrayGo)”.

Suave DaGoat’s poise, evident all across “DaGoat”, and his creativity really make this album shine a lot brighter than most of the other Hip-Hop stars riding the airwaves these days. Moreover, this album serves as a perfect breather from mainstream rubble. “DaGoat” is a great driving, or sitting back album, and I definitely recommend it for multiple listening, wherever you may find yourself.


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