Sol N Beef: “Sax Please” – when the Saxophone becomes pivotal in the EDM landscape

32-year-old Claras “Beefy” Brown’s musical journey started like most kids from the south, in Church. Being from Houston, TX and having to attend church services 4x a week as required by his father, the Minister, Claras had to follow into music.

In the 3rd grade Beef began his classical training on trumpet. He excelled in the orchestra setting which allowed him to venture onto other instruments including vocals. Upon graduation from high school, Beef had several scholarship offers to college.

Claras decided to take a different route and study music production in Florida. It was there that he met Julissa Veloz, and shortly thereafter Rod Carrillo. Beef worked on Veloz’s  Predator, Very Brady Day and met Sol while working with Carrillo Music.

SOLNBEEF-400Sax Please came to life when Beef started mentoring Sol and both classically trained musicians put their creative thoughts into reality. Soleil “Sol” Carrillo’s musical journey began at the age of 7, when he stared playing the cello. Sol comes from a long line of music influences from both his parents and family. Sax Please is the first collaboration project between the two artists, now called Sol N Beef.

The sweet sound of the saxophone; for some reason this instrument which was once a staple of blues and jazz has found its way into the world of EDM. It seems to blend flawlessly with bass kicks and synths when either played live or when it is recorded. Sol N Beef seems to have taken the route of performing with the real instrument, but other artists use synthetic, sampled saxophones as well.

It is an awesome thing when genres crossover and new styles are born. This is what Sol N Beef has achieved with the smooth and soulful sounds of “Sax Please”. The use of the Saxophone has become pivotal in the EDM landscape, as its not only brings a sound that non-edm lovers are familiar with, but also legitimizes the musical talent needed to be a successful performer and producer.  Carillo Music has quickly and clearly understood this concept and wasted no time in releasing Sol N Beef through their trending dance music label.

Sol N Beef definitely bring the fire with “Sax Please” which dances tantalizingly on the fine line between smooth Jazz and rhythmic EDM. While other horn players in this genre are making fools of themselves, Sol N Beef has stayed true to their art … while making amazing instrumental, contemporary dance music!

More About Carrillo Music: – Carrillo Music is an American independent electronic music record label based in Phoenix, Arizona. Carrillo’s current roster includes D.O.N.S., Warp Brothers, Futuristic Polar Bears, David Jones, Julissa Veloz, The Cataracs, GZRUS, Danny Howard, Eric Redd, Kelsey B, Eddie Amador, Matt Fox, Geoffrey Paris, Peter Barona, Abigail, Sted-E & Hybrid Heights, Trevor Simpson, Ralphi Rosario, Liam Keegan, Pink Panda and others. We are an Indie all the way!


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