“sir” Luminous – “Precious” ft. Mr. Tyeskie brings us the classic R&B sound!

Step aside, because there’s a new prince in town and he goes by the name “sir” Luminous, the multifaceted American singer, songwriter, and producer hailing from New Haven, CT. This artist extraordinaire was gifted an MBOX2 at the tender age of nine and it was then that his incredible musical journey began. Drawing inspiration from legendary icons such as Prince, James Brown, Michael Jackson, and Ryan Leslie, Luminous began to cultivate his own unique style and pen his own awe-inspiring lyrics. However, it wasn’t until 2011 that Luminous’ artistry took on a new and deeply personal meaning after losing his beloved grandparents, Linda and Stanley Vitale, just four months apart. To keep their memory and spiritual guidance alive, Luminous coined the phrase “L&S for life,” representing the initials of his adored grandparents.

However, it wasn’t until he discovered the word “Luminous” that his artistic persona truly started to evolve. Luminous began to write, produce, and perform his own music all over different states, earning recognition and acclaim along the way. He even made a cameo appearance in the critically acclaimed film “The New Edition Story.” Eventually he captured the attention of Grammy Award-winning producer Mr. Herb Middleton through his Instagram presence. Herb Middleton, the founder and president of Moontown Records & Publishing Inc., recognized Luminous’ raw talent and potential, resulting in a coveted signing to the prestigious label.

“sir” Luminous

“sir” Luminous continues to bless fans with exemplary music. His catalog boasts soulful, melodic R&B tracks blended hip-hop elements and showcasing his extraordinary vocal range and songwriting ability. “sir” Luminous’ single release, “Precious” ft. Mr. Tyeskie, is another testament to his incredible musicianship and dedication to his craft. What “sir” Luminous brings us here, is the classic R&B sound. He sings his heart out, backed by organic instrumentation and infectious harmonies.

The song “Precious” by “sir” Luminous is a love song that expresses the singer’s admiration and affection for a special girl in his life. The lyrics are direct and uncomplicated, with the singer stating his love and appreciation for his girl in a straightforward manner.

The opening lines, “You’re the one I dream about in my dreams, You’re the one I think about,” set the tone for the rest of the song. “sir” Luminous admits to being completely enamored with this girl and unable to stop thinking about her. He acknowledges that she may never fully understand how he feels about her, but he still finds her amazing and precious.

The chorus repeats the sentiment that the girl is precious and amazing, emphasizing how much she means to the singer. The lines, “When you walked into my life, it was a blessing,” further emphasize the importance of this girl in the “sir” Luminous’ life, indicating that meeting her has had a profound impact on him.

The verses continue to express the “sir” Luminous love and devotion for the girl, stating that she is his heart, soul, and everything that makes him live. He also acknowledges that other men would desire her but reassures her that his love is genuine and unique.

The bridge, “I prayed for a girl like you, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you,” shows that “sir” Luminous recognizes the rarity of finding someone as special as the girl he is singing about and indicates his commitment to her.

Overall, the song “Precious” ft. Mr. Tyeskie by “sir” Luminous is a heartfelt love song that expresses the singer’s devotion and admiration for a special girl in his life. The lyrics convey a clear message of love and devotion.  With a talent as luminous as his name, there’s no doubt that “sir” Luminous will continue to shine brightly in the music industry for years to come.

OFFICIAL LINKS: https://www.teamluminous.com/newsingle

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