Sideffects: “Never The Same” – complex piece of alternative rock art

The alternative rock band Sideffects was originally formed in Latakia, Syria in 2010. Unfortunately political upheaval drove the members of the group – Ayman M. (vocals), Ritz (lead guitar), Alex Kayal (rhythm guitar), and Sayed A. Metwally (bass) – to different sides of the planet. Thanks to the internet, this distance hasn’t kept them from making music, as they to continue collaborating between themselves, as well as with other musicians from all over the world. One of the most rewarding experiences in life is having the opportunity to start over again.

A white sheet of paper, a sunrise, a new relationship…whatever metaphor comes to mind, the common denominator is always a sense of euphoria born out of the belief that, by leaving the past behind, anything is attainable.

In a way, Sideffects are once again peaking their heads out of their shell with their latest single “Never The Same”. This signals the continued growth of four musicians who have re-established their own identity and acquired a fresh slate on which to write their story.

You hear all too often, “where’s the next great hard and heavy alternative rock band these days?” The perception is heavy alternative rock is suffering a bit because there hasn’t been anyone good that has come along.

The truth is there have been a few; people just aren’t paying close enough attention. One of these, Sideffects, has quietly been building momentum, notwithstanding their ‘distance’ problem. What makes a band like Sideffects so good?

They are phenomenal musicians and strong song writers not trying to mask their deficiencies by playing a hundred miles an hour or introducing screaming, growling vocals.  They put out complex pieces of musical art, and if you truly listen to Sideffects, then you will understand what I am talking about.

Take a powerful rhythm section then top that with amazing lead and backing vocals and you have the primary ingredients of a great hard and heavy alternative rock band.  Now add the dual guitars, and you have something explosive. I think the only improvement that can be made to Sideffects is getting them all into one cutting edge recording studio with a kick ass producer.

A technically complex band, Sideffects shows on “Never The Same” that they know how to balance their dynamics. Musically and vocally everything is on point here. This is the genre at its best – memorable, melodic, searing, beautiful and exhilarating – it is everything you could want from an alternative rock track and one that demands a place in your collection.

Thematically cohesive and powerfully resonant, the band’s passionate beliefs are matched by a sonic bombardment that combines the anthemic uplift of “Never The Same”.

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