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Through Fire: “Breathe (Deluxe Edition)” is catchy, heavy, melodic and anthemically insane!

Through Fire is a four piece hard rock band hailing from Omaha, Nebraska. Comprised of lead singer Grant Kendrick, guitarist Justin McCain, drummer Patrick Mussack and bassist Jesse Saint, the band quickly caught the attention of several industry executives and inked a deal with Sumerian Records in September of 2015. July 1, 2016, their debut record “Breathe” dropped nationwide, and the band has not looked back since. Entering February 2017, “Breathe” hit #16 on the Active Rock Chart, TOP 20 on the Billboard mainstream rock chart, TOP 10 on the UTR rock radio chart and #1 on Octane’s Big Uns Countdown for a second straight time. March brings in a new touring year and kicks it off with a month on the road with Black Stone Cherry, the announcement of stints with Seether and another tour soon to be announced for early summer as well as a myriad of radio festivals all over the country.

April of 2017 sees the release of a deluxe version of their album “Breathe” with bonus tracks and a few surprises for their fans as well as a vinyl option. As with almost any hard rock band, Through Fire’s biggest asset is obviously their frontman, Grant Kendrick. His powerful vocals are what set the band apart from the rest of today’s hard rock scene, and this album is no exception.

This is Kendrick unrestrained, and he shines throughout the album, constantly belting out high notes with ease. His performance is particularly strong on the anthemic ballad-type stuff; the darker tone of “Breathe”“Lights” and “Jar Of Hearts” is well suited to his powerful, dramatic style.

Although Kendrick’s vocals are truly a force to be reckoned with, the songwriting is also multi-dimensional, making the album gain plenty in terms of dynamic power and appeal. Songs like “Blood On My Hands”, “Dead Inside” and “Take It Away” are prime examples of the band’s superior songwriting skills.

“Where You Lie” is catchy, ferocious and it creates the perfect fist pumping mood in order to keep you listening to the rest of the album. Not many album hard rock albums can boast two show stopping tracks such as “Breakout” and “Damage” which will leave you wanting more.  Both these tracks displays themselves as perfect arena style anthems

All throughout “Breathe (Deluxe Edition)”, Through Fire showcase their power and aggression, especially in the vocals and the hard driving rhythm section. There is a massive amount of energy bristling throughout each track, getting the blood flowing and the adrenaline pumping.

If there is one thing Through Fire is spectacular at, it is connecting with their audience. Each track certainly has a factor in it which creates something in there that sticks and induces an urge to shout back the chorus. They also have an impeccable talent of crafting their tracks to really hit home with their listeners.

The songs ooze beauty and soul and whilst Grant Kendrick has an incredibly powerful voice, he has perfected the art of using it to transform the lyrics into heartfelt messages – no matter if it’s a slow burning, more understated arrangement, or a full-on bone crushing, riff-infested rocket-ride.

Through Fire delivers everything you expect and want from the genre. “Breathe (Deluxe Edition)” is catchy, heavy, melodic and anthemically insane. The band has crafted their sound to such an incredible standard, and this 15 track album really shows that.


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