Sarantos: “A Missión of Heart” – is all about giving…

Sarantos has released his latest single – “A Missión of Heart”, which he wrote about a man on a mission to change the world and make it a better place. “If we all just give a little bit more, there’s no question we can make a tremendous difference in this world” says Sarantos. “All it takes is a little time and effort from each and every one of us. We do all have it inside of us! I believe most people, including artists, are generally good natured. We all have bad things happen to us and they sometimes make us jaded or make us a little less generous. Additionally, I don’t believe that all donations and acts of giving need to be made public. In my life, the vast majority of my donations have been anonymous and I just don’t believe we need to always be taking pictures of large donation checks and flashing them all over the media.”

Sarantos Melogia
Sarantos Melogia

Sarantos tries to help others every day with his primary day job. One day, when it is revealed to the world what he does for a living, fans will finally understand and appreciate where Sarantos has been coming from, and his mission will make a little more sense. Sarantos encourages all of his fans to take 5 minutes out of their day to try and do something nice for those less fortunate. As Sarantos routinely says on radio interviews, “how much money do you really need? How many new cars do you truly need?”

It is with these thoughts in his mind that Sarantos wrote, performed and recorded “A Missión of Heart”. Sarantos has worked hard on the release of this single. He has been named into several genres but to me he has always been a singer/songwriter. His music has all of the passion of a younger Jackson Browne with some very memorable lyrics.  I’ve been listening to the Sarantos’ songs over time and they are all good, but slightly different in their focus and delivery, and almost always with a socially important theme at its core. There is honesty in his lyrics, and a willingness to bare himself, that is refreshing. This single is superb, and one that has its heart in the right place.

Musically, “A Missión of Heart” maintains sound consistency with enough variation to provide pleasant listening several times in a row, and definitely made my once-per-day list. Not only is the music great but the lyrics are totally relatable. Sarantos sings of things that most of us have experienced and know, but usually ignore. I completely admire his commitment to be true to himself. So many artists find the need to be what the public wants but Sarantos bravely pursues his career just as he is. People could learn a lot from this man.

No doubt Sarantos will once again hit a chord with many fans here, as he is really talented as well as a thoughtful individual…. all this comes through in “A Missión of Heart”. His music never fails to inspire. It’s honest and masterfully composed and performed.

33% of any music-related sales profits from this song are going straight to Heart to Heart International. Heart to Heart International strengthens communities through improving health access and providing humanitarian development worldwide. They engage volunteers, collaborate with partners and deploy resources to achieve this mission.

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