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Richard Desiré: “Slappers Only” shows the continued evolution of an artist

Head audio engineer, DJ, producer, and participating artist for Creators Infinite, Richard Desiré is back with his brand new EP, “Slappers Only”. And once again he continues to separate himself from what is typical Hip-Hop and becoming more of an alternative hip hop artist. He connects with his fans on another level and is not afraid to branch out and try new things. “Slappers Only” shows the continued evolution of an artist, moving through various peaks of his creative potential.

Richard Desiré

Seven diverse tracks produced by beat makers Tek.Lun, Sango, Paper Moon Collective, Whereisalex and Westl1ne, for what Desiré calls “a combination of substance and stupid beats, inspired by the Goldeneye 64 game mode of the same name.”  I have seen very few Hip-Hop artists, transcend their genre and begin to create outside of what is expected of him. All this and more is accomplished in “Slappers Only” and it simply works.

Richard Desire flows over these beats with an unparalleled elegance, without losing his hard-hitting edge. It is raw emotion and heart coming through to you. If you cannot handle music with a message and a meaning, then stick to mainstream hip-hop where everyone uses the same beat over and over again. But if you want to have eargasms and indulge in a sonic world a little more layered and interesting, this a great listen.

If you’re into lyrical Hiphop, and prefer to hear more than just three words that rhyme, then kick off your day with Legend (Prod. By Sango), then move onto Blunt Rolling Song (prod By Paper Moon Collective) and go into Overdrive (prod By Sango). If you love, soulful, broiling, slow burners, then tune into Crooks (prod. By West1ne), and if it’s something decidedly more syncopated and synth driven, you’re after, dive straight into $$$ Is The Anthem (prod By Tek.Lun).

Richard Desiré can do no harm in my eyes, and “Slappers Only” is another musical triumph in an already stellar body of work from Desiré’s catalog which includes, Echoes In Eternity” (2011), “Blind Ambition” (2013) and “Technicolor Daydreamer” (2013).

“Slappers Only” proves that there are still artists who will push the envelope to uncharted horizons. The music is creative and honest, and everything else, from Desiré’s style, flow, rhymes and tone is solid. Richard Desiré uses his music to tell a story and express his thoughts and emotions. Moreover the level of listener engagement and the production make this a totally enjoyable experience.

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