PEACE: “Daddy Issues” staking its claim in the hip hop realm!

PEACE, born Peace Kumeh, is from a small country in West Africa called Liberia. After dropping his old moniker Duce Wright, PEACE decided to keep it authentic and go by his birth name. The story of poverty to prosperity channels through him as he fights to make it through all obstacles.

The single cover
The single cover

PEACE has just released the single, “Daddy Issues”. His style – often-poetic lyrics rapped in a blunted monotone over moody production — is skilled. Like Biggy he can simultaneously break your heart and make you smile. His wordplay remains integral to his approach, but here he’s more personal and purposeful than he was on some of his previous releases.

PEACE’s penchant for the golden age of hip-hop is prevalent throughout the project, but his strength is sticking to what he knows best. He finds a way to balance out the confines of revivalist ’90s rap with modern urban sounds that play up a more introspective, yet outspoken sounding artist.

The beat on “Daddy Issues” lingers with slow-burning bass ferocity, and PEACE comes correct with rhymes and an attitude to match the production. It is clear that he has set his mind on staking his claim in the hip hop realm.


The dark chimey soundscape allows PEACE to do what he does best as his strength is that he evokes emotion with a power-packed maturity. He’s also great at hooks, an art-form that seems to be lost on a lot of rappers nowadays.

Hard rhyming and a hard beat, with the former imploring the listener to do nothing more than check his style. And PEACE certainly has a distinct style. He is a force to be reckoned with, he’s a voice to be heard and I believe that’s where his true power is.

He’s making music on his own terms and in the process is earning a devoted following that will obviously support him along the way. This track is a testament to PEACE’s current mindset and it is almost flawless – a very good song that will ultimately stand the test of time.

“Daddy Issues” is a shiny example that Hip-Hop is forever strong and very much alive. You just can’t say that for a great majority of music coming out now.


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