Natt Moore: “Tick Tock & Remixes EP” – another hypnotic, hyper captivating and mesmerizing release!

After impressing us with the release of “Electronik”, a couple of months back, Natt Moore the Contempstrumental Records label owner and electronica artist, based in the UK, is back with a brand new release –  “Tick Tock & Remixes EP”. And while “Electronik” was more melodic based, “Tick Tock” largely relies on its rhythmical impulses. The EP showcases 4 remix versions – the original version, plus the ‘Sellersal Remix’, the ‘Music Box Remix’ and the ‘Extended Version’. Always interesting and innovative, Natt Moore rarely disappoints. “Tick Tock” is dark, trancey, and a good, insistent instrumental groove. The remixes propose versions that are a little harder and others that evolve into spacier ambient beat-driven tracks.

Natt Moore
Natt Moore

But if you wondering about exactly what to expect, keep wondering; You can listen to this EP over and over again and be surprised every time. The reason that music like this exists is because there are no words to approximate what it means or accomplishes. You could say that some of the music flows like the trickle-down transpiration on the walls of unexplored caves, while some of the textures are the aural equivalent of sedimentary fossilization, silt and grit burying half-heard secrets. Though rhythmic, these are essentially ambient and soundtrack orientated soundscapes.

Natt Moore is also a rare electronic music producer in that his tunes do not overstay their welcome. I think only on one occasion does a remix here overrun over the three-minute mark. That’s a mean feat in a genre known for its excessive exploration and experimentation. It is as if Natt knows exactly what he wants to achieve from the very first note. So he creates, executes and exits. He cuts away all the fat and leaves you with rich, protein-filled lean meat!

The ambient, thumping synth bassline pushes through the EP with a consistency that is hypnotic; even when it is not present, it can still be felt through the rest of the music. The keyboard riffs and subtle but thudding drum sequences utilized throughout the “Tick Tock & Remixes EP” are nothing short of genius. And by the time the “ooh hoo” type voicings, bring a stream of consciousness into the ‘Music Box Remix’, you will be hooked. No doubt, this is another hypnotic, hyper-captivating and mesmerizing release by Natt Moore.


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