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More Than Human: “Lust (Lock Me Away)” – a formula that works exceptionally well!

More Than Human is a 4-piece independent heavy metal/hard rock band from Upstate New York. Their debut album “Love.Lust.Loathe.” released via iTunes and Spotify on October 28th. “Lust (Lock Me Away)” is the first single from the album. If you love all the power of hard rock that is ambitious, inventive, fearless, tightly packed with interweaving melodic themes and progressive elements, while also embracing a mature and modern understanding of songwriting and advanced musicianship, you more than likely appreciate More Than Human.

They have a formula that works exceptionally well. Their style weaves in and out of prog metal to hard rock to heavy metal to metalcore to big band-meets-metal. It works as a whole. But it takes a few spins to understand the whole canvas they’ve painted…and that’s only the single, as the album brings more of this hybrid blend in heavy doses.

More Than Human album artwork
More Than Human album artwork

What’s remarkable about “Lust (Lock Me Away)” is how non-commercial unhinged and all over the place three minutes and forty five seconds of pure rock bliss can be!

More Than Human, drive the track with energy, melody, screaming vocals, and a ton of heaviness. It plays like a mashup of rock styles that will knock you over the head like a sledgehammer. At the same time, the band makes music that is lyrically compelling and obviously conscientious.

The symbolism that is fabricated into their dramatic, theatrical-styled tracks will leave you in a state of bewilderment and awe. So many bands strive to maintain popularity by putting out the catchiest, most easily relatable tunes and lyrics, but what makes More Than Human amazing is that they want you to think and learn from what they have to say.

The track (and album) is filled with cheeky riffs as the band climb to another plateau with new rhythmic approaches that sound hungry and ambitious. The music is raw and almost better felt, rather than listened to. If that makes sense!

However if hard rock is your thing, the music here is right up your alley; nice and heavy with that pump-you-up-aggression that gives the genre its strong appeal. My advice though is not to stop at the single.

The album, “Love.Lust.Loathe.”, sees the band grabbing its inspirations and attempting a recording that brings the best of the hard and heavy metal genres – good, driving and tough rhythms with a strong lyrical bent supported by writing, and musicianship, that is magnificently presented all-round. Love it and look forward to more in the future!


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