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Mississippi Jones: “Recourse: Elemental I” – another genre-bending release!

From the thumping beats, the eclectic electronic soundscapes and melodic vocals of 2014’s “Unreleased” debut album, Mississippi Jones is back with another genre-bending release. On Recourse: Elemental I, which is the first EP of a 4-part series, closing with Recourse: Elemental IV, Mississippi Jones does a 360 degree about turn. The sound is harder, edgier, more alternative, more electro-punk.

You either get it this album or you don’t. If you’re a moronic meat head who prefers no lyrical or artistic merit, or something you can just workout to while attempting to seduce the dumb busty blonde who looks down her nose at you, then Recourse: Elemental IV is not for you. Rather stick to Nickleback!

Mississippi Jones
Mississippi Jones

I think that one of the things that may be easily overlooked in this album is the many fascinating ways the music is woven together. It’s easy to let the rhythms or the vocals overwhelm the ear and emotions. But listen a little more closely and you can hear some very complex sound collages going on, especially on “Stone Cold Killer”.

Mississippi Jones is nothing short of amazing on all levels. Their music is innovative and powerful, their lyrics are packed with intelligence and emotion. Everything magically falls into place for them. The noisy elements make it so incredibly abrasive that they can slow down without losing any intensity. When they step it up, it’s so well constructed you could not possibly sit still.

Recourse: Elemental I is a mesmerizing journey through the minds of possibly two opposite that attract. Totally contrasting styles clash between Mississippi and J@$ both musically and vocally, yet they fit together in perfect cohesion throughout the album.

“Mr. White” starts the EP with a slow building keyboard over one of the best drum and bass complements ever. The vocals come pounding through and you feel that you’ve entered a new world, trapped in limbo between retro and futuristic eras. Then there’s “Stone Cold Killer” a blazing, rip roaring, swell of psychedelic punk. “Tre(s)” sounds like Enya and The Jimmy Hendrix Experience put through an electric food-blender together with a dose of pure acid.

Mississippi Jones is not your typical musical duo. With influences in every other genre imaginable, Recourse: Elemental I is an anthem for those who feel distant from the corporate hoo-haw thrown at us daily. It is a blueprint for how to mix your sense of alienation with constructive music making and it is an inspiration for all musicians who wish to write music that is both compelling and relevant.

Looking at the face of music today it is saddening that there is less and less experimentation and more and more similarities in bands. And even worse, many of today’s decent underground bands are selling their souls to corporate America, so they can earn money. Thankfully Mississippi Jones do not fall into this category, bringing something new to the table on each new release.

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Mississippi Jones is a genre bending electronic duo capturing something more encompassing than can be expected. Together Mississippi and J@$ work to create authentic original songs that celebrate revolution, love, independence, and connection. Pulling from a vibrant array of sources and winning over lovers of all genres, their music is influenced by a broad range of artists from Stevie Wonder to Nina Simone to KRS One.


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