Blaikz: “Head In The Clouds” ft. Get Scarlet in 6 Brand New Remixed Versions!

German Dj, Producer and Remixer, Blaikz (Sven Schwarz) is constantly on the move and dropping new releases. Latest in the pecking order is “Head In The Clouds” ft. Get Scarlet. Blaikz met up with alternative pop band Get Scarlet in 2016, quickly realizing the potential of a collaboration effort. This led to the aforementioned track which has already been featured on Blaikz’s Best Of Album. But Blaikz decided to take this concept further and has released a collection of remixes “Head In The Clouds” done by producers such as Adam Van Garrel, Killmode, Fun[k]House, Vanilla Kiss, Phillerz, as well as Sonny Vice & Danny Carlson. This has given the song 6 different shades of EDM, so you’re sure to find the remixed version that suits your taste.

The more that produces seemingly gravitate towards a similar sound, the more it increasingly becomes about the little things. What does a producer or artist do to separate themselves? If they don’t, what aspect of their sound or performance is so strong to make them special?

There are many cases for both parties; Blaikz is becoming increasingly singular by injecting a healthy dose of pure fun into what is becoming a definitive blend of dynamic dance and more complex and progressive arrangement. He has also succeeded in following in the footsteps of other successful producers and slowing down his sound on the strength of each featured singer’s pristine voice and way with captivating vocal melodies.

Enter six diverse producers. What the collective have put forth with “Head In The Clouds” ft. Get Scarlet could easily be dismissed as more of the same; the whole EDM and remix thing is becoming one of the most crowded genres in all of music recently.

However, there is simply a mastery of dynamic and diverse instrumentation coupled with superb production, the winkingly self-aware lyrics and strong melodic performance by Get Scarlet that makes this set of remixed singles a huge winner.

Employing ghostly synth slides, distant piano keys, and slightly reverbed vocals, there are a number of atmospheric touches in the production of the original single that are intriguing and memorable; the drums are also expertly produced, and go a long way towards making sure that every shift in quiet/loud dynamics packs the necessary wallop.

The piano, and genuinely soulful riffs only serve to underpin a classically emotional chorus that is passionate in all the right ways. Each producer has continuously found creative ways to imbue their own personal signature sounds into the track with ingenious and distinct touches.

The remixes of  Blaikz’s “Head In The Clouds” ft. Get Scarlet, showcases playful and subtly inventive twists to the EDM formula while still including emotive vocals and expressive lyrics. In a burgeoning genre, this track gets the little things done right in a big, big way as it heads towards this year’s massive summer dance scene.


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