MIIKØ: “On My Own” – carefully crafted and sculpted to the slightest nuance

The latest single, entitled “On My Own” by MIIKØ is outstanding. The beauty of this artist is that he can speak of the most personal and sometimes saddest aspects of life, in such a subdued way that makes him stand out from much of the singer-songwriter dross that is currently around, or will follow in his wake. Whilst he is capable of writing songs that grab you directly, he has written many a song that gently washes over you until you become so aware of the intimacy of every lyric that they won’t leave your head for days. This latest single falls into the latter category. I’ve always suspected he is a perfectionist. His music seems carefully crafted and sculpted to the slightest nuance – no loose ends here.

“On My Own” is without a doubt one of the best songs MIIKØ has ever done, it is perfect in every way. Rarely is a song so perfect, the lyrics are deep and moving, and work amazingly well with the music which is totally addictive. It also has a superb video, directed by Ellis Floyd, to accompany the story-line.

MIIKØ’s voice is so nuanced on this song, as he conveys all the emotions he has been dealing with through the loneliness described by the song’s narrative. I’m still thinking of a word that can describe the ethereal euphoria that MIIKØ creates with this song. Again the music is haunting and mystical, but it takes an even deeper detour that was skipped in previous works.

Here, the artist gives us a look into a dimension of conscience that few writers are able to bless us with. It’s clear that MIIKØ is an artist that writes from his soul and experiences. Make no mistake about it: This is a landmark track for him. It’s close to flawless in terms of the production.

I have been following MIIKØ since I heard his first tracks and have been hooked in, returning to his all-embracing, emotional voice on every occasion. “On My Own” is just another showing of his ability. It’s an incredible blend of heart felt, more personal than ever sounds, and lyrics.

MIIKØ shines the most when he’s stripped down to his genuine voice and a mellow, layered sonic backdrop. Something that happens in “On My Own”. Every time he puts out a new release, I always wonder how the heck he can ever hope to follow it up. Yet every time, he does. This track will definitely grow on you, with each patient listen.

You’ll notice that the keyboards, strings and rhythm on this track, are extremely exquisite. You’ll also love the many modulations and echoes that MIIKØ’s voice moves through. If you’re really looking for MIIKØ, you’ll find him in this recording, and just as powerful as you have in every other piece of work he’s done.

You’ll find his soothing voice and his ever beautiful lyrics that provoke thought and real emotion. “On My Own” is audible proof of growth, of a true artist, and a gift promising more to come. The music runs deep under your skin, and finds its home in your soul.

MORE ABOUT: Michael Obrycki, artistically known as MIIKØ, is a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and audio engineer, from Ohio, who recently began expanding artistically as a singer-songwriter. He is currently working on a solo project as well as a collaborative project with Adonis Butler. He has also produced songs for artists such as Lindsay Cardy, James DeMuth, and more. “Creating music and putting emotion into all of the work that I touch, is my true passion. Making timeless music,” says MIIKØ.


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