The album “CHAMPAGNE ATTITUDE”, is described as a narrative about a boy who was forced to grow up very fast, a boy who had to learn how to play the hand of cards he was dealt. That boy is none other than the multi-talented AMARU – a singer-songwriter and a trained actor, originally from the Republic of Suriname (South America), residing in The Netherlands (Europe) since 1991. A quick screening of his bio, confirms that the award-winning AMARU, has achieved an unbeatable royal flush with the cards that life has dealt him. And the best is yet to come, considering the release of this, his brand new album, and the fact that he will shortly be starring in his first international feature film, which began shooting during June 2018.

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On “CHAMPAGNE ATTITUDE”, AMARU again join forces with producer Marcel van Ling from MoSound Productions in the city of Zoetermeer (The Netherlands). The two have been working together since 2014. The album forges twenty tracks (including interludes), that cover genres from Pop to Rock, Neo-Soul, R&B, Blues and Dance, to Reggae and World Music.

AMARU leaves no musical stone unturned, in his search to reach a wide audience to which he can dispatch his social conscience and personal anecdotes about love, hope, relationships, self-empowerment, injustice and discrimination, among others.

“CHAMPAGNE ATTITUDE” more than met my expectations. It is now my new ‘attitude’. I am obsessed with every song, and even the spoken interludes which introduce them. It has been such a long time since I’ve loved every single track on an album. AMARU shreds my heart with “Never” – a most beautiful, powerful ballad dedicated to his maternal grandmother.

The electro-drive of “I’m the One You Need”, and the funky “Gentle Giant” make me feel euphoric. These songs are dance-floor gems. The fatherless tale of “Independence Day”, and the reggae infused, “That’s the Way I Like It”, are both lessons in personal poetry with such uplifting beats that you are elevated to loving life and ready for anywhere it takes you.

The new single

The title track “Champagne Attitude” with its cryptic look at people who overrated themselves, is a musical masterpiece. I can’t let this song go. This is pure AMARU. A thick, incessant beat plays as an aural canvas for AMARU’s urgent vocal nuances. All which is topped off with a fiery electric guitar solo.

This may be the best song he has ever written and performed, in my book. “I Got the Blues” with its melody and lyrics so real and relatable, is smoldering hot with AMARU’s vocals.  The talented artist also finds the time to turn his attentions to rapping, with the ambiguously sharp, “Joystick”, which recites the line: “You can bring your X-Box, I will bring my Joystick.”

The latest release from AMARU is a welcome addition to the pop and dance genres. While so many artists seem to repeat themselves, attempt to create hits, collaborate with hip hop artists, or sound like robotic vocals added to a looped track, AMARU is an original.

He, and his team, have created an entire work which can be appreciated on many a different level, and is more than just a collection of possible hits. And AMARU was able to do so with his innate talents, and the cards this life has dealt him.

Along with his album, AMARU’s new single “Low On The Dough (Radio Mix)” is now available on digital download on iTunes, CD Baby,, Google Play and Shazam.

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