Michael M Jeni: “One Night” is infused with a subtle dancehall rhythm

Michael M Jeni is a 23 Year old R&B artist and producer from Iowa featured on iTunes, Spotify, VEVO, Beats Music, Apple Music and more. Electronic-dance music, or EDM, has a powerful position in the pop firmament right now. International stars and producers are dominating clubs and music festivals with their intense, pumping beats. So what if you scaled down that sound to a laid-back, audience-friendly version of electronic-dance music and then blended it with smooth and sensual R&B? The result is “One Night”, the brand new track by Michael M Jeni, which was written, engineered and mixed by the man himself. While the beat was produced by BeatsBySv.

The electro beat of “One Night”, is infused with a subtle dancehall rhythm which supports the airy velvet and satin vocals. Listening to this Michael M Jeni track is like escaping to an island getaway for roughly three minutes, as he summons the taste of Pina Coladas, the sight of skimpy clothing and late-night walks along the beach under a full moon.

Chilling vocals remain a large part of Michael’s ingredient for hit-making, and he lays it on lusciously here, touching the listener with sensual tones and a range that can  devastate.

“One Night” is meticulously structured – and that’s its beauty. It unfurls slowly and unpredictably, constantly changing mood and enticing the listener’s ear. The track is musically understated and loaded with patented Michael M Jeni sensuality, creating a song that’s both a feel-good jam and a perfect mood-setter.

Michael glides through the gentle arrangement stating: “I’m trying to get to know ya, so I can get closer,” as you groove to the song’s bouncy keys. The track also finds strength in the selected instrumentation and pacing. The production’s rich yet sparse feel and smooth grooves tell a story that matches the actual lyrics.

Michael M Jeni’s steadily growing catalog is filled with highly regarded tracks, and “One Night” ranks near the top of that already impressive list. His hallmark is his willingness to innovate, without making pretentious, over the top tracks.

It feels deeply inspiring too, especially amidst a period when much of R&B music has regressed from organic emotionality, transitioning into an absent-minded abyss, filled with sterile messages and repetitive beats that populate the marketplace.

“One Night” finds the deeply affectionate young crooner embracing and exploring the pleasures and ebbs of intimacy, with a certain emotional resonance that feels both familiar and revelatory.


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