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Martina Linn: “Up or Down Below” – soothing, simple and gorgeous!

Born in the Swiss mountains Martina Linn grew up with down-to-earth, traditional Swiss folk music and was already yodeling on big stages at the age of eleven. At the age of fourteen, Martina discovered her love for folk music, blues, Eva Cassidy, Bonnie Raitt and Neil Young. She taught herself to play the guitar, began performing cover songs and her own compositions. In 2013 she released her debut album “She is gone” which was highly acclaimed.

Martina Linn - Photo (c)TabeaHueberli
Martina Linn – Photo (c)TabeaHueberli

Of her releases to date, “Up or Down Below”, her latest single, is definitely the most amazing in my book. It’s deep and thought-provoking lyrics are what make it the gem it is, along with her angelic voice and the beautiful, organically-driven music. The song as a whole works perfectly and there is literally no low point at all, in any of its shining facets – from the songwriting and performances to the arrangement and production.

Martina Linn’s voice will have you floating into another world that is full of peace, thoughtfulness and grace. It is beautiful poetry that is injected with positivity and uplifting thoughts. Her songwriting shines through on every song, just as it does on “Up or Down Below”. Full of unbridled sentimental thoughts, Martina keeps positive and keeps her faith, as she takes you through the contrasting emotions of love.

Martina carries this recording with grace and precision, as she does on all of her songs. She writes gentle music, with beautiful melodies that really play to her sparkling voice, and which comfortably rides atop her more than able acoustic-guitar playing. The exquisiteness of her backing band cannot go unmentioned either, as they provide a colorful sound canvas for Martina’s textured voice and instrumentation to swing and dance across.

The bottom line; Martina Linn’s songs are very meaningful and always attempt to touch your heart. Soothing, simple and gorgeous, you could never get tired of listening to it. “Up or Down Below” is moving, entertaining, and insightful folk-pop music with an almost spiritual ambiance behind it!


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