Malísima – “Story of Us” unfolds her unconventional approach to music

Elliot Pemartín, who goes by the moniker Malísima, is an experimental artist and DJ who has gained significant recognition in the music industry. With a unique blend of British influences added to her Andalusian roots, coupled with her current Andorran residence, Malísima ‘s music is characterized by its complex and unconventional sounds, as well as the themes it explores. As a transgender and non-binary gender artist, Malísima ‘s songs are known to delve into a range of subjects, from sexuality to gender identity, touching on abstract concepts such as freedom and peace of mind. As a visual artist Malísima also creates her own music videos, and has developed a personalized system of visuals for her DJ sets. The driving force behind her musical projects Spiritual Emission and Alleyway Mutants, as well as her record label, Little Bad One, Malísima has produced an impressive array of electronica sub-genres, showcasing her diverse musical talents. Her music has been featured on local radio stations in the UK, Scotland, Berlin, Turkey, and beyond, making her a global sensation.

When it comes to electronic music artists, their creative output is often influenced by their surroundings. Some may produce music that aligns with current trends, while others may produce work that goes against the grain. However, Malísima stands out as an artist who seems to be more in tune with her own artistic instincts than the music world around her.

Rather than simply reacting to external factors, Malísima’s creative process appears to be more of an internal dialogue. Her music is a unique and singular expression that sets her apart from the vast majority of electronic music producers.

Malísima’s latest EP, titled “Story of Us” is a testament to her continued creative evolution and artistic vision, unfolding her unconventional approach to music and her fearless exploration of complex themes.

‘Story of Us’ is a collection of instantaneous yet rewarding electronic tracks that feel indebted to forward-thinking creativity and rich experimentalism. Each track is a complex grove of sonic blends, ambient noises and effects that are kinetically crafted.

Thanks to the duration of most of the tracks on the “Story of Us” EP, the urgency and energy of these compositions never get lost in any overlong meandering passages so customary of this instrumental genre. It’s pleasing to listen to a project where from the first few seconds, despite the rather left field aural aesthetics, you know you’re in the safe hands of a caring creator, and no matter where Malísima takes you musically, the result is going to be interesting.

It’s clear that even in moments of noisy bombast, the producer has been sure to fill her tracks with delicate details. With all this in mind, a project like ‘Story of Us’ starts to sound both natural and artistically appealing in the hands of Malísima.

The EP opens with the crackling and buzzing “Entrañas”, before sliding into the melismatic synth waves of “All We Had”. “…Who Are You Again?” is built on muffled voices and abstract sounds, while “Midnight Forest Walk” launches with electrostatic noise before introducing barking dogs, and other mysterious sounds.

The EP closes with the percussive pulse of “AM/SE”, where the beat and synths collide with ever-increasing intensity. Clearly a lot of effort that has gone into producing the textures and different sounds on the “Story of Us” EP. Malísima doesn’t need much hype to stand out from the crowd – her music does so naturally.


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